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UKBFF Warrington 2013 - Results

Video, results and pictures from the UKBFF Warrington 2013.

  1. Simon

    Results and highlights from the UKBFF Warrington 2013 Bodybuilding Competition. For the discussion please take a look at the live update thread on the forum. Pictures will be added shortly.


    1st Michael Hargreaves
    2nd Adam Edge
    3rd Fabian Merton


    1st Emily Parkinson
    2nd Katy Mason
    3rd Charlene Smith


    1st Allister Mills
    2nd Nick Taylor
    3rd Liam Chessy

    Women's Physique

    1st Jackie

    Over 40's

    1st Paul Mcandrew
    2nd Christopher Law
    3rd Darius Gibaszek

    Over 50's

    1st Ray Dixon
    2nd Robbie
    3rd Pete Bow


    1st Yola
    2nd Madina
    3rd Caroline Balt-Roller

    Under 80kg

    1st Leon

    Under 90kg

    1st Wayne
    2nd Karl

    Under 100kg

    1st Dan Clark
    2nd Danny Bentley
    3rd Steve Lynch

    Men's Physique

    1st Ollie
    2nd Ernie
    3rd Chris Shelo
    Posted By Simon, May 5, 2013