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The Summer Gains Bundle Now HALF PRICE: 10 Products For £49.99!

Discussion in 'Myprotein' started by Myprotein, Jun 19, 2012.

  1. Myprotein


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    Now at Myprotein.com the newly launched Summer Gains Bundle is HALF PRICE, but only while promo stocks last! Containing 10 best-selling muscle building and fat loss products, this latest bargain from Myprotein.com provides you with 30 days of quality nutrition specially designed to increase the size of your muscles whilst lowering your body fat percentage at the same time and all for only £49.99!

    The perfect bundle to fuel your summers training, the Summer Gains Bundle has been specifically designed to change your body composition and includes: 2.5kg of our bestselling Impact Whey Protein, 90 capsules of the cutting edge thermogenic fat loss formula Thermopure®, 5kg of the low glycaemic index carbohydrate Instant Oats to fuel your workouts, 90 capsules of Branch Chain Amino Acids to help prevent muscle breakdown, 90 capsules of Zinc and Magnesium to support optimal muscular function and boost growth compounds, 90 capsules of the healthy fat Omega 3, 60 Daily Vitamin tablets to aid overall health and wellbeing, 500g of the muscle building Creatine Monohydrate, 250g of the muscle volumising amino Taurine and lastly the huge 1 litre capacity Smartshake™ Lite to help you create delicious shakes.

    Offer Price: £49.99
    Products: Impact Whey Protein (2.5KG, Chocolate Smooth) | Thermopure® (90 caps) | Instant Oats (5kg, unflavoured) | BCAA Plus (90 capsules) | Zinc and Magnesium (90 caps) | Omega 3 (90 caps) | Daily Vitamins (60 tabs) | Creatine Monohydrate (500g) | Taurine (250g) | Smartshake™ Lite (1 litre)
    Available until: While promo stocks last

    Read more or buy The Summer Gains Bundle now!


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