MuscleXcess Classic 2013 - Results & Report

MuscleXcess Classic 2013 - Results & Report


Results and highlights from the MuscleXcess 2013 Classic Bodybuilding Competition. For the discussion and more detailed opinions on the competitors please take a look at the live update thread on the forum.

Over 40's

1st Alan Carnegie
2nd Steve Bingham
3rd Jim Pettigrew

Juniors Under 21's

1st Ben Warner
2nd Ryan Lewis
3rd Kieron

First Timers

1st David Manson
2nd Wayne Horton
3rd Aaron Smart


1st Robert Bradley
2nd Steven Griffiths
3rd Lee Thomson

Miss Toned

1st Michelle Morris
2nd Alexandra Bruce
3rd Amber Colquhoun

Miss Trained Figure

1st Lorna Hall

Mr Under 85kg

1st Brian Soutar
2nd Andy Napier
3rd Aaron Rossi

Mr Over 85kg

1st William Thomson
2nd Craig Anderson
3rd Pat Ryan

Overall Winner

William Thomson

Competitor Rundowns:

Over 40's

1 - Steve Bingham - Thickly muscled and great grainy condition. Nice slow posing! Excellent physique!

2 - Kirk Coburn - A little smaller than no1, but nice balance and symmetry, good support in the hall, legs a little behind upper body in terms of condition.

3 - Jim Pettigrew - A competition regular, and from our gym. PLENTY of thick muscle - still needs a little more condition tho - good confident posing!

4 - Paul Boone - Thick physique with good balance but legs notably soft - nice mohican :D

5 - Rod Smith - Amazing condition, if losing out a little on size in the lineup - but will more than hold his own! Condition really shining through, and confidently posing away!

6 - James Palmer - Excellent upper body size, but quads lacking in size needed to balance that - very good calves strangely!

7 - Stevie Thompson - A Scottish circuit veteran here, looks the best I have seen him recently!! Only thing I can criticise is one pec has what looks like a little gyno, and the other is torn - but looks like he has added size, and is the most conditioned I have seen him!

8 - Alan Carnegie - This guy took the over 50s at Dundee last week - no over 50s class here - amazing overall, and really good classic style posing. Phenomenal arms!!!

9 - Robert Turner - yet another veteran and frequent winner of the masters classes - they've all came out to play today!!! This guy has helped rewrite the book on condition in the senior classes in recent years. Classic posing as always, and looking great!!

10 - Graham Soutar - similar to last week, he is just outsized and outconditioned in this lineup, he is enjoying himself though, and does look to have improved from last weeks showing - fair play to him - but he will not be threatening any placings today.

11 - Gordon McKenzie - Another thickly built physique who has also pulled in since last weeks show in Dundee. Legs a little behind upper body on condition, but overall looking good - needs to smile!

Juniors U21

1 – Chris ? - reasonable size but way way off on condition, easily 6-8 weeks more dieting required, posing needs a lot of work too.

2 – Ben Warner – wow, just wow – this lads a junior? Huge ripped quads, upper body a little behind the legs balance wise but still huge. Very VERY impressive. Good posing too, very well presented!

3 – Kieron ? - Smallest in the class, reasonable condition but legs a little behind – confident posing which I live to see in the juniors, and making the very best of what he has!

4 – Ryan Lewis – Another of Weemans/Rabs – Excellent confition! Good size, confidently presented, really enjoying himself and a good support from the crowd! Looks like legs are a bit more watery than last week?

First timers

1 – John Dias? - a lot of thick muscle, but brutal posing. Legs a little behind in terms of both size, and condition, and he isn't tensing them right which is making things worse.

2 – David Manson – Great condition top to bottom, not huge but what size he does have is balanced well. Again, posing could use work, but no one expects seasoned posers in this class.

3 – Wayne Horton – A little lighter on muscle than the first two, good condition, but the legs are either soft, or he isn't posing them right – I can see flashes of detail so I think the latter is the case. This is why posing instruction and practice is vital!! You can't judge an untensed muscle!!

4 – Aaron Smart – Nice shape – not huge – but enough size in this lineup. LEGS AGAIN!!!! not being posed at all correctly, and way down on size compared to his upper. Very unconfident, looking down at his feet a lot... its a shame – with more confidence and some posing instruction he could have looked way better!

Novice Class

1 – James Bruce - Compact thick physique, good condition, grainy in places, hamstrings thoroughly seperated!

2 – Lee Thompson – Very nice amount of muscle, nice condition, and good attempt at dramatic posing, hitting the classic shots well!

3 – Kevin Robinson – Reasonable condition and size, posing to a bit of queen “The Show Must Go On” lol, poor bugger got faded out just at the tunes impact point!!!

4 – Robert Bradley – One of Weeman/Rabs – Robert has a good size and shape, his physique screams potential!!! Wouldn't look out of place in the Mr classes, and has pulled his condition in a little from last week; still needs to be a bit tighter to see his full potential this year tho!

5 – Steven Griffiths – The other Weeman/Rab competitor – best condition of the lineup for sure, and not shy on size, condition also looks to have improved from last week, but needs further posing refinements to really make the most of his physique!

6 – Craig Lovie – saw him compete last week, seems a little tighter but till way off on the condition stakes IMO, but its up to the judges. Apart from that, very nice shape and confident impressive posing

Miss Toned

1 – Alexandra Bruce – Looking perfect for the class, this week, as last, she is looking great. Routine starting with knee/ground work – looking confident!

2 – Michelle Morris – Weeman/Rab project 1, this girl screams potential, just taylor made for this. Back MAYBE a little lean and defined for tone, but the overall package is superb, and presentation very polished and carried a quality expected of a far more experienced athlete – only her second show!

3 – Lindsay Bell? - Looking very well although quads seem to lack tone; this could be a composure/posing error? Posing routine perhaps not quite as polished as 1 and 2.

4 – Amber Colquhoun – Weeman/Rab project 2. Shocking pink hair, looks great. Wayyyyy more confident than last week, looking great and smiling like a seasoned pro, routine energetic and polished, you wouldn't guess this is only her second show ever! Condition could still come in a little however, IMO.

Miss Trained Figure

Lorna Hall – Very athletic physique, with plenty of muscle and condition! A hell of a lot of feminine muscle on her frame and not a million miles off physique, looks great! Starting posing routine on the ground, very polished, progressing to knee work, then up to standing. Excellent posing – only one tiny thing I could criticise here on is lack of smile – fantastic competitor and I look forward to seeing her in the Federation shows!!!

Mr Under 85Kg

1 – Andy Napier – just as last week, superior condition, easily amongst the best in the show, there isn't a muscle on show that could even hint at being soft, very good posing. Its been a joy watching Andy progress over the years, and he is now a threat in any Mr class!!

2 – Aaron Rossi – Aaron looks to be in much the same situation as last week – phenomenal upper body and arms, but the legs lacking in condition – I think its going to cost him here unfortunately! But god help any competitor the day he gets his full body condition nailed, a tank!

3 – Brian Soutar – Winner of this class and overall at last weeks Dundee show – and looking no less impressive this week! Looking amazing, posing seems to be hardening him up by the second, how the hell is he under 85Kg?? A lot of dense grainy muscle on that frame, professionally displayed!!! Again, been a joy watching Brian progress last few years from someone who tended to come middle of the road, to now one of Scotlands finest!

Mr over 85Kg

1 – Grant Coutts – winner of 85Kg class last week, and looking even better this week, really tightened in – so we now have a combination of condensed dense muscle, and grainy condition – coupled with good confident posing, looking outstanding.

2 – Pat Ryan? - Wow, another very dense physique, and not shy on condition either!! Very confident posing and stage play, syncing in with a nicely put together track, great stagecraft, very impressive!!

3 – Simon Swanston – Very good physique although I think he will take a hit in this lineup due to the quality being so high. Legs a little light for upper body, but he is making the most of what he has got. Conditioning on the rear lower half definitely needs work.

4 – William Thomson – A very accomplished competitor and previous NABBA Scotland Overall Champ, William never fails to impress, very hard, and very dry which is now his trademark, everything shredded and big – but they've just fucked up his music!!! Take two – yup, cannot fault him! Cuts in legs a mile deep – front and back, and posing well!!

5 – George Thomson – Possibly the lightest on muscle in this lineup, but still enough to hold his own and take it to the bigger guys!! Condition right up there, granite, and loving the stage!!! Could use a little more meat on the limbs, but George knows this – and hasn't let it put him off!

6 – Craig Anderson – A beast of a man! Different league size. Posing about the best I've seen him, smiling, and it just finishes it off that he is a good looking big cunt!! Legs just a BIT light for his upper body size, and condition overall still needs to come in a bit, but he isn't soft by ANY means – this is going to be very tough for the judges.
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