UKBFF Scottish Championships 2013 - Results & Report

UKBFF Scottish Championships 2013 - Results & Report


Results and highlights from the UKBFF Scottish Championships 2013 Bodybuilding Competition. For the discussion and more detailed opinions on the competitors please take a look at the live update thread on the forum.


1st Nick Anderson
2nd Michael Wielunski
3rd Ryan Lewis


1st Laura Mullen
2nd Lorraine Carmichael
3rd Siobhan Fairgrieve


1st Maurice De Meillon
2nd Esmail Shahsavani
3rd Allistair Moffat

Womens Physique

1st Layla Allen
2nd Hazel Kidd
3rd Joanne Sperring

Over 40's

1st Ian Sturrock
2nd Kevin Fraser
3rd Ian Robertson

Over 50's

1st Alan Carnegie
2nd Robert Turner
3rd Rod Smith


1st Alana Kavanagh
2nd Michelle Morris
3rd Amanda Stewart

Inters Under 80kg

1st Gerry Rafferty
2nd Tomasz Turek
3rd Kevin Morrison

Inters Under 90kg

1st Tony Finnigan
2nd Thomas Donnachie

Inters Over 90kg

1st Barry Macduff
2nd Rab Reith

Mens Physique

1st Kirk O'Brien
2nd James Maxwell
3rd Sebastian Kulwicki

Classic Class

1st George Thomson
2nd Resa Naseri
3rd Tony Wilson

Under 70kg

1st Kirk Cockburn
2nd Glen Brooks
3rd Paul Gordon

Under 80kg

1st Brian Soutar
2nd Graeme Cuthbertson

Under 90kg

1st Tomasz Kordas
2nd Grant Coutts
3rd Zana Ahmed

Womens Overall

Alana Kavanagh

Mens Overall

Tomasz Kordas

Competitor Rundowns:


1 - Craig McCann - good physique here, tattoos obscuring a little, but balanced enough top to bottom, not huge, but good junior standard! Posing a little mechanical, but I think they played the wrong music, so may have knocked him. Conditioning definitely in the better end of the class.

2 - Ryan Gabelone - A little late to the party, he needs 3 or 4 more weeks, but he knows this. He just wanted to get up there for personal reasons, and to do himself proud - and that he is. Posing well, even though they fucked up his music too, looking to the floor a little too much, but the actual posing is good, and confident!

3 - Excellent potential, this boy is only 17, and again new he wasn't going to be shredded for the show - but his condition is good. Only doing this show for the experience, with a view to springboarding into next year!

4 - Nick Anderson - The beast in the lineup, attempting classical posing, and giving it a fair attempt. This guy just does not look like a junior, its almost ocmical in this lineup :lol:

5 - Lewis Walker - didn't catch surname - Similar to no 1 in physique size and quality, although paler which is hurting him a little. Another music fuck up I think

6 - Can't get these names at all, the Mike on the Mike (see what I did there) isn't the clearest. On the lighter end of the size scale in this lineup, condition ok, posing with confidence, getting wired in lol

7 - Pavil Mahammad - Slender athlete, average size and shape, condition in legs very poor but he just maybe isn't tensing them

8 - Couldnt catch name - a big lad, but posing not the best, and very smooth. Completely lost his way with no posing, just sort of choked.

9 - Couldnt catch name - Good little physique top to bottom, but let down by fact he is almost qhite, and posing is not great at all. This guy has a lot of potential tho, if he can seek out the right help...

10 - Ryan Lewis - his 4th show of the year, and easily his best package, having chipped away the (small amount) of remaining fat these last few weeks since the NABBA. Light on size in this lineup, but easily the best conditioned, and carrying a certain "polish" to him, obviously from his building stage experience.

11 - Michael Wielunski - came swaggering out with a great smile, but a confidence level way above his physique or condition - still, one of the better athletes in this lineup!

12 - Couldn't catch name - quite pale and very poor lower body conditioning/detail composure. Posing needs work, and whole body conditioning needs work. Doesn't look bad by any means, but he won't make any dents here today.


14 - Couldn't catch name - looking good, but maybe a touch lean for this class?

15 - Kimberley McQueen I think? - Taller than no 14, looking well, not as lean as no 14 but that may reward her? Who knows

16 - Lorraine Carmichael - one of Rabs, looking amazing! Man I was skeptical of her wanting to do this at start of year - but in my opinion, for what thats worth, shes the best so far! But again, who knows what the judges want.

17 - Siobhan Fairgrieve - Little pale but looking well, tall and slender, polished presentation!

18 - Couldn't catch name - another tall/slender athlete, movements maybe a little OVER exagerated? What do I know lol

19 - Couldnt catch name - looks a bit too chunky for this class IMO, and the condition just isnt there either - looks good like - just sort of, well, normal?

20 - Couldnt catch name - very slender athlete - probably too much so for the class

21 - Laura Mullen - well proportioned athlete, could do well in this class - tiny bit pale tho! Looking good regardless.


22 - Esmail Shahsavani - Good physique and conditioning, but posing very good considering first time on stage, maybe a little "bouncy". Lovely lines to his upper body in particular, legs lagging tho

23 - Andrew Munro - plenty of size although legs lagging upper body slightly, and posing letting him down. Looking down a lot, and very trap-dominant from the front - but making good of it, nice overall presentation considering the faults!

24 - Robert Caldwell - Has size, great width, but needs a bit more conditioning unfortunately in this lineup. Posing needs work, no one expects master posers in a beginners class tho.

25 - Billy Gall - very nice physique and condition, not huge but what he does have is nicely balanced and shaped, a good attempt at slow posing too, great display for a beginner, posing better than a lot of guys with more experience.

26 - Maurice De Meillon - This guy is good, a balanced, conditioned physique, tan excellent, posing like a way more experienced athlete! Surely he should take this line up, obv its up to judges though.

27 - Steven Tidesley - Slender athlete attempting dramatic posing, but doesn't have the size yet to really pull that off... the posing itself isn't bad, little lacklustre maybe, a good physique overall tho.

28 - Alistair Moffat - very nice round muscle bellies, although legs lacking a good bit behind his upper body which is very good - good posing too!

Womens Physique

No 30 - Mary Jane McKinnon - A great compact physique here, but a little pale so its hard to see her true condition, excellent arms and delts, legs perhaps a little soft. Abdominal composure in her transitions maybe letting her slide a little, but overall looks great, could just do with being darker!

No 31 - Joanne Sperring - Tallest and most heavily muscled in the lineup, but not sure if her condition is a little off or it is just the pale tan... having said that, she seems to be hardening up through her routine, which is very accomplished, looks great!

No 32 - Layla Allen - Presentation spot on as always, great condition and easily the best quads/hams in the lineup, very feminine lines and moves, obviously honed in here years in the toned/trained ranks - serving her well here, very balanced athlete.

No 33 - Hazel Kidd - Excellent conditioning, particularly in her back, although quads/legs are maybe a little light compared to upper. Very polished and established posing, great display!

Over 40's

35 - Chris Wark - Great physique, but needing more legs to match his very decent upper. Posing, while not bad, could use a few tweaks - and looks like he might be struggling with abdominal composure? Good display overall tho!

36 - Charlie Parratt - Very pale and heavily tattooed - not a good mix. Condition good, not great, posing ok, but he has what looks like very bad gyno, and it ruins what he has; I know the UKBF don't look favourably on this.

37 - Ian Robertson - tallest in the lineup, a mountain of a man. Very good condition and colour, posing steadily and confidently, very polished, music just cut out!! He's still going tho, proper professional!! Conditioning from the rear especially superb!!!

38 - Mathew O'Neill - Another music cockup so he is just having to do his best. Great condition as always,

39 - Anthony Greer - plenty of size, but looks a bit uncomfortable with it, kinda hunched? Could do with more leg size to match his upper body, but very good condition.

40 - Ian Sturrock - Superb posing as ever, this guy is a legend, if you've seen him you know what Im on about, "THE ROCK" rocking it. Grainy condition as always, an absolute pleasure to watch, and easily the biggest and best crowd reaction of the day. A previous overall winner here, he means business.

41 - Kevin Fraser - Kevin is a beautiful poser, and today, is no exception. Condition sublime, shape as aesthetic as ever. Another pleasure to watch! He has been another previous overall winner here, so one to watch for sure!!

Over 50's

42 - Robert Turner - Superb routine, changed his usual posing tune, and it worked SUPERBLY!!!

43 - Alan Carnegie - Superb as always, those fkn arms of his!!!!

44 - Rod Smith - Rod - def his best appearance of the year!

Intermediates under 80kg

53 - Gerry Rafferty - Well balanced and well conditioned, posing to a bit of evanescance, but its just fucked up lol, posing well, a compact physique, but not a lot to flaw

54 - Tomasz Turek - Very densely muscled, expecially thick pecs, posing letting him down a shade, but his muscularity making up for it. Maybe a little soft in the wuads?

55 - Lee Thompson - Same posing song and routine as he has used in the previous shows, so by now its fairly polished. Legs a little light for his upper body but everything is fairly balanced, and condition is good!

56 - Kevin Robinson - Like Lee, legs a bit light for his upper body. Conditioning good, posing could maybe be livened up a little but its polished enough with him having also used this routine already this year.

57 - Graham Riley - again, another pair of legs needing more tissue, and a more condition too. Not looking bad though, just perhaps undersized in this lineup.

58 - Craig Lovie - Craig hasn't pulled his condition in enough from 6 weeks ago to really do his physique the justice it deserves, because it could be something great. If anything looks a little flatter? Shame. This guy has a hell of a lot of potential, and knows how to show his physique off - beautiful poser. Regardless of how this goes for him today, he could def be sharper, better.

59 - John Strachan - Good pair of legs on this lad, but a little smooth and overall a little pale, bags of potential tho! Slight issue with his scapula it seems, some posing tweaks req.

60 - Scott MacDonald - Well balanced, but his tan looks very matt, and his detail is not projuecting at all, flat maybe? One of the smaller athletes in the lineup, he is carrying himself well however.

Inters under 90kg

62 - Tony Finnigan - Reasonable balance on upper, but legs are way undersize for his torso unfortunately. Condition ok, could use more, but certainly not embarrassing himself!! Great crowd reaction

63 - Thomas Donnachie - Compact physique, but reasonably balanced, nothing overpowering, nothing standing out. Condition ok, could be a little tighter, but not the worst. Posing could use a few tweaks - hunching his shoulders etc - but overall a good presentation.

64 - Barry Macduff - Beast. Really brought his quads up since last time I seen him on stage, actually really well balanced now! Posing confidentally and has calmed it a little - I remember last time he came out posing too fast and bouncy - looks way more confident, solid, and getting the crowd really jumping!!

65 - Robert Reith - Not long out the junior ranks, Rab is a big lad. Confident too. He done a tester show a few weeks back and condition was way, way off. Today, much better. Could still be tighter tho, but overall, looking well!!

Mens Physique

I don't get this. Big bright board shorts. Jesus Christ.

I've seen thinner calfs on a newborn deer


4 guys

One with black and yellow shorts

One with pink

One with fuck knows what

One with red

Don't really know what else to say :confused:

I'm off for a piss

Top 3 is black shorts, pink shorts and red shorts.

1st - No67 Kirk O'Brien, pink shorts
2nd - No66 James Maxwell, black shorts
3rd - No69, Sebastian Kulwicki, red shorts

Under 70kg

82 - Kirk Cockburn - as mentioned, best he's been this year, looking really good, and this is the best class to suit his physique, not being hugely muscled. Good shape, excellent posing and great colour - and as already said, his condition is in better!

83 - Paul Gordon - Looking well, having pulled his conditioning right in, Pauls posing is great, makes the most of his compact physique!

84 - Glen Brooks - Very nice physique here, good balance and even, maybe a LITTLE blur at the bottom of his pecs, but looking great and condition very good. Posing well, but I can't help but think "ahh balls" when the rocky tune comes on :lol:

85 - Paul? - A stage regular, he usually dances it up a bit, and today is no exception - and the crowd love it! Should spend just a TAD more time on the poses, but its his style, and it works for him! A bit light on muscle, but condition good.

Under 80s

85 - Brian Soutar - You guys will be getting bored of me saying it, but this guy is impressive, music fuckup means he cant do his routine as per previous 3 shows but no matter, he still looks superb!

86 - Graeme Cuthbertson - Smaller than Brian, but still looking great - condition superb. Balanced - he can't make one bodypart bigger, because he will unbalance himself, looking really well, but I think he will lose out to Brian here today.

Under 90kg

88 - Grant Coutts - posing great, and on his game, best I've seen him this year!! Looks like he is loving it up there!

89 - Zana Ahmed - I remember him from previous shows this year, beautiful physique, but a little soft. He is tighter here today, but a little behind in the lineup - his combination of size and great lines, with ENOUGH condition could set him off well here!

90 - Maciej Wydra - Posing to Robocop, so that instantly gains him awesome points in my view lol. Smallest and softest in the lineup, althought he is a good shape, and well balanced - just needs more diet. Not fat by any means, he certainly isn't embarrasing himself tho!

91 - Tomasz Kordas - Superb condition, paper thin skin!!! Could be a real threat here!

Over 90kg

92 - Jose Moriera - Lois his usual larger than life self, and also unfortunately as soft as usual. Posing well, and really entertaining the crowd though!
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