Primal Strength Stealth Commercial Fitness Elite 1x1M Premium Grade Gym Floor Matting (20mm square) Price:  (as of 07/08/2022 11:21 PST- Details)

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Premium Grade Gym Floor Matting


The Stealth Commercial Fitness Elite 1x1m Premium Grade Gym Floor Matting is proudly made in the UK and comes in 6 options; 20mm-thick 1x1m squares, 20mm-thick 1x1m two-sided corner edge squares, and 20mm-thick 1×1 one-side edge squares. 40mm-thick 1x1m squares, 40mm-thick 1x1m two-sided corner edge squares, and 40mm-thick 1x1m one-side edge squares. The matting starts life as recycled rubber, which is commercially cleaned and ends up as completely odourless, 1mm to 3mm wide grains of rubber. The grains are bound, moulded and finished with a polyurethane coating, creating the perfect mat for any gym floor, dumbbell zone, and lifting area. At the end of the manufacturing process a silicone compound is used to ensure the mats stay fresh when being stored or transported in cold conditions. The Stealth Mats are: High Impact to protect floors and equipment Flexible with a light bounce Slip Resistant Easy to lay Easy to clean Meet UK Fire and Smoke Emission Regulations Sound Resistant If you require different thicknesses of matting we can custom-manufacture mats of either 20, 25 or 40mm thickness to suit and also in a range of colours; black with green, blue or red fleck, or solid green, blue or red tiles. Please call for a custom quote. If unsure of matting requirements, simply tell us your room size and we will send you a quote. The heavy-duty Stealth Mat is backed with a full commercial 5-year warranty and should never need replaced. Once the matting is laid please mop the matting with hot water to remove the silicone layer and leave the matting to dry before laying equipment. The matting is very hard wearing and only needs cleaned with hot soapy water.

Premium Grade Gym Floor Matting

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