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    Ok guys I am going to be very limited with how many clients I can take on this coming year.
    I have a large client work load at my gym and will be entering athletes into various NPC and OCB (American natty fed) contests.
    In 2012 I had just over 30 online clients for the year but there is no way I will be able to do the same in 2013.
    What I will be offering for 2013 is an entire year package with me for $1200.
    This as usual includes every aspect of reaching your goals and as MANY of you know that I have no problem with you changing your goals throughout the duration of our time working together.
    As all my clients know I have no limits on how many emails I will reply to (a few of my clients recieve an email from me 5+ times per week).
    I am going to have to be very picky regarding who I work with because I really want to make drastic transformations in my clients for future promo of my business.
    Thus I will only entertain potential clients that make it very clear to me that they're striving for HUGE changes in their physiques.
    You can contact me via email at corneliusparkin@parkintraining.com

    P.S. If you do the maths that is actually 25% cheaper than if you were to purchase four 3 month plans from me.:thumb:
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