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    Right finally due to the non stop demand (one post by Fatbrah) I've decided to bore you off with my own log.

    Goals for 2017 addd some beef and do a US NPC Classic or even a real mans class of BB

    2016: Competed in Classic Class IFBB.... did local show here in HK (IFBB).... qualified for Asian Championships (so the equivalent of the IFBB Euros) and took Bronze medal in Classic. Decided to skip the Arnold Asia and concentrate on Olympia Amateur Asia which I did and took 5th Place in a pretty stacked line up (20 countries competing and in my final was Olympia Champ, Asian Champion, Indian National Champ plus another who was another feds World Champ) so no fanyning about

    my problem is I am tall and don't carry loads of muscle. I have to cut a lot to get down to make the IFBB Classic Weight Class (96kg) and I piss muscle away like its going out of fashion. The guys I compete against are generally just in the height class (by that I mean 0.5 a cm or 1cm for the top 4 at or two have been measured and competed in the class complaints its just the way it goes and they look bigger BUT its just an indication that you could be 3rd or 6th say with the same guys each time if one or two are measured slightly differently)......

    anyway still a work in progress....

    I am English but live overseas (Hong Kong) and factored into my timing for competition is my mrs own competitons.... so it would be cool to both be on the same show (she is IFBB Pro).

    heres a couple of pics... sadly not of her! will get some more up shortly

    02e2862db998a57aa36a9c0effa3826a.jpg Capture3.PNG
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    reversed out of the show and then enjoyed xmas weekend - Adri and I both eat pretty healthy year round. It makes both our preps easier as you have total support and understanding and its not just a gimmick like she eats well for 12 weeks then goes mental with shite....

    Xmas for me is a weekend where I enjoy with family...if I train I train but diet wise fuck that... I work hard year round so its loads of everything.

    don't really drink much anymore - no reccies anymore - just the supplementation required to compete in this sport :-)
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    Obvz in
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    Imagine i put


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    actually that would have been pretty damn funny If you had... my kind of sarcastic humour
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    Does it still work?

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    Contest cycle was usual test / tren / mast with some GH plus winny and halo in last few weeks....
    nothing too mental... in hindsight I could have upped the dose a bit - just with the weight limit struggle it works against me... I maybe could keep a little more muscle especially in my arms (which are shite) who knows....

    anyway since contest

    dropped everything fast acting - I keep (have kept) 250mg Test E in the whole prep inclusive of final week (so test e like 8 days before still used) and that's been changed to 300mg Test E once a week (as used up my Bayer stash finally) and now using my normal stuff

    kept Nolva in and tapered off over the week post contest

    so right now its literally just 300mg Test E as I slowly upped calories... will be pushing cycle a little now as the food goes up.... see where we land

    1. want to add size and more food and more drugs = more size
    2. leaness and condition isn't an issue for me....I can get there and in some ways am amongst the best conditioned on the stage - just lacking the beef
    3. training with SHW a few days a week and hes making a push so its fun to do together

    have used most things and have access to anything AAS related ...whatever the drug I can obtain.... the beauty of my location :-)

    mulling over things and itching but just wanted to have a month of no orals, no stims, nothing more than a bit of test (and GH). Having done Prep, Contest straight into a brief grow and then prep just makes sense.

    will sort cycle out this weekend
    most likely going to be something like
    c1g Test
    some NPP and maybe some Primo for now
    or some EQ..... as have some decent blends which lower overall injection volume....always a good thing

    would then cycle in some Tren in bursts......same for orals.......

    slin also..... Pre Workout.... or maybe with a meal as well ...
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    Imagine if you put out? I'd heard you put out before the first date brah.
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    Contest Diet for me was around the 2800-3000 mark for most of the last weeks of prep (say 8 weeks or so)....
    did small deplete at the end - a little - and this time Carbed up earlier so higher carbs then lowering over two further days into the weigh in... As this comp was in Hong Kong I didn't have to account for flying or any hiccups like food or travel.... carb up was 500/400/300 roughly.... previous comps have been overseas....

    Post Show:
    increased a bit (mainly carbs) - didn't push as knew xmas not far and would be my 'worst' eating of the year by a long shot..

    weighed in at 95 (walk around usually in 108/100 region in decent shape)

    this morning 106kg.....

    current diet as follows (wake up 5.30ish training mostly at night 6pm though sometimes in afternoon in which case I just shuffle a meal or two around

    2 scoops Whey
    5g Maca Oil
    100g Oats
    60g Blueberries
    1 scoop greens
    1 scoop reds

    220g Lean Beef (flank steak)
    150g Cooked Potato
    120g Green Beens

    170g cooked Chicken or Turkey
    120g Cooked Rice
    120g Green Beans

    same as above meal

    2 scoops whey
    100g Oats

    BCAA (Extend plus additional)
    50g carbs from Karbolyn
    creatine and glutamine and DMAE in their also

    2 scoops whey
    100g Carbs from Cereal (Rice Chex or Rice Cripies etc)
    1 bagel

    200g Fish
    210g Rice
    bit of ketchup

    last meal sometimes subbed for eggs and oats equivalent calories etc etc

    so we are are around 383 Pro, 55 fats, 504 carbs 4030 calories......hunger still high..... will keep this as is until weekend.... then with cycle will start to increase ....

    previously have been a carbs split fairly evenly with a bot more peri - but I was training in the AM
    as on my ass for a fair bit during the first half of the day the 11 am and 2pm meals are lower carbs..... tried higher fats before just didn't work for me.... didn't feel good.... strength suffered - recovery not as good... prob lean more to ecto but always feared high carbs a bit - got over that now

    i get on well with whey , shakes for breakfast work ...i feel good, takes seconds and i am in a rush..... also Mrs is sponsored by Mutant so it costs us nothing... which helps... and the protein tastes damn good too (Iso Surge) ....
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    Glad you've finally got this up mate n loving the detail already.
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    @Tommy6 cheers mate, both for reading my waffle and hopefully at least something being of use to you
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    Glad you decided to do a log mate

    Will be following with keen interest
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    background: 15yrs of fightsports (kickboxing to thaiboxing - where i did most of my 'time' plus some mma and grappling at the end.... fought, trainined , coached to high standard, been on some amazing journeys to places, met some of the sports greats, loads of fun.... used to spend all of my holidays flying to Thailand to train when younger did so for 10yrs...

    always had some form of weights in there and used it with my fighters as always believed in it before it got trendy (days when your local boxing coach would tell you it made you slower and weaker etc)

    anyway stopped fighting couple of years back due to location etc (can bore you another time) still helped some fighters. was also into nutrition also.... as wanted to do everything possible - for weight cuts, rehydrations, performance everything.... that plus the mental side of things all helped me in BB

    helped mrs train from zero to doing a show, she then started winning everything and so i said fuck it i am going to have a go as never like to not lead from the front (so to speak) ended up having fun and so here we are

    have liked to mix it up a bit... had done a bit of 5x5 in earlier days as fitted in well with fight training.... some TDS type stuff too ...

    plus your bread and butter bro split....

    worked with Decon for the national show and we did more of a regular gym rat 5 days a week one bodypart training
    then increased volume (i wont call it off season as it was more just a short period pre show)
    as well as altering rep ranges... ran this through to Asians then in latter stages used the one bodypart a day split.
    Post Asians revered to the alt rep ranges and more of a PPL sort of thing.... had the odd week or two were reverted to some less intense stuff then returned... did this through to the Olympia... so was doing deadlifts, rack deads, all the usual stuff albeit a tad lighter right up until the last 2 or 3 workouts.... as carbs were kept reasonable and winny lower than past plus sodium very high didn't get any nasty joint pains

    Cardio - last show was 25mins 5 times a week...
    Previous show was 30-40 mins then dropped down to 25-30 x6...
    show before was daily 40mins as had gotten a little soft (first time in years) and had stopped boxing, moved countries and was flying almost every weekend for about 1yr (so an average week would be a 3.45min flight on a fri night and then sunday midnight landing was pretty nackered most of the time

    right now:

    set up is similar but i just trimmed volume down slightly for now

    Mon - Push (so shoulder chest tricep) but rep ranges higher 12-15 for most part
    Tue - Pull (compunds to start lower volume) so 6-8 max for most (deads, rows etc)
    Wed - off - has been HIIT cardio before (prowler etc) or spin bike sprints..... this time though i just did either light cardio or a rest day ...right now is total rest
    Thu - Push (lower reps 6-10 mostly)
    Fri - Pull - few more machines - higher rep ranges
    Sat - rest
    Sun - Legs (alternate between 2 workouts now) one just a plain cunt of killer and other will be a squats first type set up....

    Sunday i have my SHW training partner.... so its good as hes 6ft and similar limb length (just loads more muscle!) occasionally he joins for Tue also.... but mostly alone... or with mrs if around
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    sliding it in gently.....

    build back up from contest...combo of highs to lows (well being on tren , halo and the rest) to not plus losing some strength and wanting to put the cals back in carefully...

    did one week of semi not bothering to write down weights (i anally put everything on a spreadsheet) diet, training, drugs, notes, weights, feelings... its awesome reference... do the same for Adri and anyone we have helped we get to do the same.... makes it great to look back at (and also removes any stigmas or pressure over check in days if you chart the weight daily and don't think of it as a weigh in or check in 'friday')


    i just punch in the weights per side (so in case below 40k means Oly bar plus 80kg iu.e one 40kg plate each side) makes it easier to work out and put weights on i find)


    Incline Bench (in rack)
    warm ups then
    40kg 1x8 (too light)
    45kg 1x8
    50kg 1x6

    Military Press
    20kg 1x10
    25kg 1x7
    25.5kg 1x6

    Swiss Bar Close Grip Bench
    35kg 1x10
    35kg 1x9
    35kg 1x8

    DB Seated Lat Raise
    12kg 1x15
    12kg 1x14
    12kg 1x12

    Tricep push Down (on assisted Pull Up) - great as doesn't fuck my elbows
    47 1x14
    54 1x12
    54 1x11
    54 1x9

    Calf press (seated)
    45kg 1x10
    45kg 1x9
    45kg 1x8

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    Gotta be the most detailed and informative opening to a log ever!
    Definitely in for this mate, look great on that stage and clearly best conditioned
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