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    back from a week being lazy, enjoying one of the best beaches/sea ive ever seen and generally not doing a lot bar eat, stroll along a beach, trained twice....all very relaxing

    come back refreshed, ready to rock

    108.7kg this morning so gained a kilo and a bit...not bad going at all....

    trained (only 5 hours kip BUT felt pretty good) today

    re setting the numbers on pretty much everything. I know my old PBs but as I need to build up once more just treating all of these workouts now as new. So a new season so to speak. Goals clearly to top old goals but wanting to be positive I need to treat each sesh as exactly that. So improve from the last one, with the longer term goals in sight...

    BB Bent Over Row..... 115lb each side 1x10, 125lb each side 1x7 (little off the PB of 150lb)
    Barbell Shrugs 3.5 plates a side 1x10, 4 plates a side 1x10 (close to PB)
    MAG pull down (Medium size) 107 1x9, 107 1x10 (this is actually on par with my "lifetime" best)
    Hammer Row - machine is a little small for me ....TDS of 4 plates/3 plates/ 2 plates....11,12,14
    Single Arm Cable Row ...35 1x15 (just off PB)
    Facing (Laying) on slight incline bench DB rear delts....12kg 1x14, 14kg 1x12, 14kg 1x11
    Concentration Curl TDS 16kg / 14kg / 12kg 9,7,4.....other DBs all in use
    Hanging Leg raise 3 sets
    Rope Abs 2 sets

    not bad for first session back

    work to do but form spot on everything which is goal for this, as the weights now slowly go up

    gear is Test 325 and Mast Ent 200 for now..... no orals.......GH back in last night for first time in a week 5iu sent me into a proper deep a baby....

    will have a quick double check on whats left opened ...I think there might be like a shot of EQ, maybe two jabs of Tren Ace etc left..... ill just use those up rather than leave open when I check the box later on

    Anti E wise....just 0.5 an adex twice a week for now

    next few days will just be back to a proper diet and see where my weight is , and how I look by early next week before any changes are made

    goal is very much the same as last season to add some more size. Obviously love to bring arms up as they are pathetic still but that comes with overall mass too.... onwards we go
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    2019 Goals

    Get bigger - simple.... got room to max the class, need more muscle eat, train hard and stick it out
    nothing on the cards again until year end where once more we have a ton of shows here
    enables me to enjoy holidays a little more
    to be able to support adri in her shows better
    to be able to put more time into clients also which has expanded rapidly and me competing and trying to look after everyone just is not a runner really..

    so last few workouts just ensuring all feels good before we start attacking things... recovery taking a bit longer, noticeably more sore - as you lose that on preps I find - and leaving the ego so if something doesn't feel right the weight is lowered a bit and we reset. Its taken me months of dieting to come down and strength was lost slowly so it will be sporadic - no need to rush as once food goes up more and gear gets raises I know I make some jumps.

    right now cals kept the same as had a few extra bit on NYE (to make up for the yanks not provding half of what is a proper Christmas dinner)

    109.6/110kg on waking which is lowish still for me. condition when training still very good but feel im closing in on that point of readjustment. Where now food and/or drugs need to rise once more (in my case both will happen)

    Rack Pull 5 plates a side 1x6, 1x5
    Pull Ups....10, 9
    DB Pull over 44kg 1x10, 46kg 1x11
    Wide Grip Lat PullDown...107 1x9, 107 1x7
    Seated U Bar cable Row...1xTDS 107,87,67
    Single Arm DB Row 40kg 1x15
    Cable Station Rear Delt....3 sets of 15
    Concentration Curl QDS 14kg/12kg/10kg/8kg 14,7,4,8
    Calf Raise 3 sets

    then we did

    Incline Bench 120lb es 1x8, 122.5lb es 1x7
    Shoulder DB Press (seated) 46kg 1x11, 46kg 1x10
    Dips...BW 1x15, 10kg Chain 1x14, 20kg chain 1x12
    High incline Smith 90lb each side 1x15, 100lb es 1x9
    Cable Fly.... 12.5 1x15, 15 1x15, 15 1x14
    Tricep EZ Bar Push Down....45/38/31 10,8,8 then 1 arm push 7.5 1x15
    Bent over Preacher EZ Bar Curl....35lb each side RP set....10,4
    Seated DB Curl 16kg/12kg/8kg TDS
    Rope Abs 3 sets


    will be legs later today

    once we get running will be looking at 1g test, 600-800g NPP....maybe 400-500 NPP and a shot of Deca or 200mg EQ on top. will kick off with 400 NPP, then add in a bit more , then try deca again (less shots) .... later in cycle might add some tbol in or SD pre workout for a few sessions - but if anything effects appetite negatively it goes. need to get the food in. Once food raised will build slin up to pre and smaller dose post.

    just got to get through the packed Jan and early Feb volume explosion at the gym which as we all know can be very frustrating indeed..
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    Legs 2

    Facing Hack/V Squat Machine....6 plates +10lb each side...1x10, 1x7
    Leg press....neutral position .....8+10lb each side 1x11, 8+25lb 1x10
    Leg Extension 95 1x10, TDS 110 / 95 / 80 8,8,4
    Lying Ham Curl 85 (max) 1x11, 1x9
    by this time gym was mobbed so
    One Leg high Leg press 2 plates 1x12, 2.5 plates 1x12, 2.5 plates 1x11
    Backies 3 sets
    done....too many people...

    all felt good, reps much slower than usual but still managed to add a little weight. I think the back end of this workout will end up being a bit varied due to the time, so I have the hack squat, maybe a smith front squat, an iso ham curl and the leg press to kind of play with....
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