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    Good to see you back at it! Was it just a bleed for a muscle pull/tear and got infected? Shows how things can go downhill fast!
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    Very good weight to be at under the circumstances
    And will be a true reflection of actual lbm you have
    I'm sure you've looked at the positive side from this
    Its given the body a good rest from everything and a chance to cruise, build strength back up and should be in a very good place to push again
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    yeah cant grumble, and if im here on rest day cals and 300 test its holding i.e real weight - prob a few weeks before i tidy up a touch as i think just getting back to training will change the look a bit. And yes joints and tendons have had a good break, mentally too. End of the day you have to be positive as being negative gets you now where, you cant change things and can easily get yourself into a rut so i just worry about the stuff i can change going forward.

    should recovery not take too long, then i think end of summer show would be on the cards, lets see........little push back up then hit a prep and see whats really underneath.........
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    minor tear and i had kinda banged it, which mean blood vessels were bleeding in creating a big haematoma, that was drained, but then in recovery that wound got infected, which mean stitches undone, and left open (and gauze packed).....thats now gone, so i got 4 stiches back in to close the last open part.... but yeah it wast something painful, just an oh banged it mi ok, and then didnt feel right as the thing grew, couldn't close my legs !! was like someone stuck a large grapefruit there! that was the cue to get myself to the hospital pretty sharpish!!
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    going well,

    trained at weekend gym, bigger (i,e normal size machines), but still very much in the testing things rather than smashing PBs style. To be honest the weights for top sets were well off highs, but felt bloody heavy to me, prob could have pushed a weight more and failed but thats not the game just this second, so whilst some weights are clearly in the LeeDaLifter realm it felt tough on both days.

    back on training day cals so weight crept up a bit hovering 118kg

    PULL 2
    Super wide MAG grip lat pull 97 1x10, 1x10 (107 best)
    Watson T Bar Row 3 plates, 1x10, 1x10
    Hammer Chest plate row - wide grip - 89 1x9, 1x8
    Close Grip Cable Row 77 1x12, 1x10
    Reverse pec dec for rear delts 61 1x12, 1x10, 1x9
    Single Arm on bicep machine 32 1x8, 1x7
    Seated Calf press 2 x 20

    PUSH 2
    Seated Hammer Shoulder press 65 1x10, 70 1x10
    DB Incline press 40kg 1x10, 45kg 1x10
    Hammer Declne Machine press 35 1x10, 40 1x10
    Pec Dec 96 1x10, 1x11, 1x10
    One Arm Cable Side Raise 7.5 1x12, 1x15
    Tricep Machine Dips 78 1x12, 89 1x10
    Fat EZ Bar Bicep Cul 10kg es 1x12, 1x12

    not bad, and again a good base to build from....sweating after a few sets too so its clearly making me work hard

    rest day today and first day back on Cardio, 30mins, nothing special 4 incline type stuff.....a lot harder than i thought it would be! hot and sweating in a very short time, but once into it, actually felt good. Will be doing this every rest day, plus my walks to and from work to help cardio overall

    not that i was in a rut by any means, but im super excited to go to the gym each time, i usually do look forward to it, i think its more an appreciation that I CAN having not been able to for weeks rather than a renewed love for it...

    got to play coach from afar tonight and tomorrow as no one i could get to Japan.... which im gutted about as a great show and any chance to go Japan and have proper sushi is welcome!
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    warning, minor trumpet blowing.... what a day, one guy won his pro card, and girl I train in Pro Bikini just won , and so we are off to the actual Mr Olympia in Vegas....fucking cracking start to the year... and typical i wasnt there, so had to facetime the whole show basically.... but still off to Olympia as a coach is pretty cool :-) get to watch Flex live on his debut which is great
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    Well done mate, awesome :thumb::thumb:
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    sounds great mate. Nice to have a bit of good news and something to look forward to after all the troubles you’ve had.
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    so after yesterdays excitement, instagram and all social media changed to Guru and rates up to 50p an hour.

    crashing back to earth with my first legs workout in a month, doc gave ok, however instead of taking out stiches and being done i was a tad upset to get some butterfly strips and plaster over the top and another week max of having to fuss around the wound area, though just minor i was all up for it being the end!

    i was under no impressions this would be a real Philip Schofield of a workout.... so correct you arent seeing things!

    aim was try to do my regular Legs workout...however we would just do 1 plate and 10 reps if i got them add a plate until 10 with good form wasn't possible, no heroics, no digging super deep just good reps on the moves

    Leg Curl 80 1x10, 1x8,, this only 7kg off my regular weight so was chuffed
    V Squat 2 plates a side 1x10, 1x10, its usually 4.5/5......we will get that back
    Leg press...10 reps with 1 through to 6 plates...then 2 sets of 10......13 is my max, regular
    Leg Extension did same thing as above but jumped 2 from like 1/4 stack through to 102 (usually 130)
    Single Leg Iso Curl 50lb a side 2 x 12 reps
    i was fucked by this stage

    called it a day (to be fair sleep was crap as Mrs mum had to have an op , yep it never rains it pours eh!, so due to the timezone difference with south america we were up and unable to go back to sleep about 3.30am, not ideal but

    well we are off to the races at least and its fair to say i have a lot of room for improvement. However flip side thats not a bad intro for 1 month of nada on legs....

    weight 117.4 on rest days or post rest days, a touch higher post workout days where i eat more 117.8 to 118....

    cardio tomorrow then will officially go back to Pull Push, rest, legs, rest ...and do cardio on rest days at 30mins
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    Just out of interest what sort of dose and what compound is the bikini girl who's going to the O use ?
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    1 clen a day on off for two weeks with yohimbine alternate

    1 tab of ostarine a day for 6 weeks

    thats it, now she used anavar 2 years ago with a different coach for 10 weeks at 10mg a day and looked and felt shite on it, otherwise id rather have her use 5mg of Var personally but she gets bad sides and it totally fucks her lipids, like thats why

    others use a lot more, id say on whole 2/3 SARMS or anavar plus t3/clen/gh or some use winstrol and anavar plus clen/t3 (ive seen previous protocals from all the big named "teams in the US and Canada and Brazil, plus cycles given by some big name IFBB Pros so im accurate on these assumptions)

    i had a different girl place 2nd in Dec, she used clen 40mcg up to 60mcg and Yohimbine sarms, no aas...

    but then i get the ladies i train to actually train heavy , not just fluffy nonsense, until they reach a stage they need to back off a bit

    got a female Womens Physique athlete win her pro card late last year she used 10mg Anavar per day and 50mg Primo per week plus 2iu GH and 10mg nolvo final 4 weeks

    Mens Physique guy won his Pro Card also on the same show as the Bikini Pro, and was very well liked by the judges (head judge was Sandy W, she is the head female judge of the IFBB, head judge for female Olympia etc....)

    he was
    50mg Var 10 weeks out, then 60mg Winny final month
    300mg Primo for 12 weeks
    Test 300mg for 12 weeks, last jab 8 days pre show
    Mast Enth 200mg per week for 12 weeks then doubled in final month
    75mg Tren Ace EOD for 6 week
    Proviron 100mg for last two weeks, 25mg a day for 10 weeks, up to 50mg 4 weeks out
    no T3
    no clen
    GH 3iu stopped a week out
    2 x 1/2 dyazide
    Adex as needed (increased final weeks)

    then if you want a classic guy, whos a tad too small for 212
    500mg Test E
    500mg Deca
    300mg Mast
    300mg EQ
    60mg Turinabol
    slin x2 a day 6iu Pre and Post
    GH x 3 a day 4iu AM and PM

    so as you can see women need fuck all, men depends
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    Cardio - done, slowly just increasing the pace by minimal amounts each time as a little challenge...but enjoying it as i can feel the improvements. Whenever you have something tangible to measure its a big positive

    Push 3, so final rotation workout, so again feeling out where i am at then hitting 2 sets, all out to where id question a further solid rep, so failure yes but not 'real' failure. This is the last yardstick workout, after this i know where i am and where to start to improve from

    Seated Barbell Press....90lb 1x11 each side, 95lb 1x8 lb each side so this is almost 70% of previous...
    Incline Bench....100lb each side 1x8, 1x8
    Machine Tricep 92 1x12, 100 1x10
    Cable Fly 11.25 1x10, 1x9, 1x9
    Cable 1 arm lat Raise 7.5 1x12, 10 1x10
    EZ Bar Tricep push 38 1x15, 45.5 1x11 (this just a few reps short of best , weird!)
    EZ Bar curl 25lb per side 1x8

    tough workout (numbers aside) and happy ive now worked through everything and can get back to a progressive overload mindset.

    going to make minor adjust to training day carbs, small lower as i added a little BF whilst sick (aas expected)... nothing drastic , just down from 600 carbs a day to 525 , rest day stays same..

    so that means roughly 4650 on training days and 4100 on rest days.....prob do another 4 weeks cruise, get everything checked then get back involved and increase calories, should see a good response given the rest period ive had

    117.8 on waking, so a shade under 260lbs
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    so a month on cruise so far, and still 117-118 depending on previous days diet and activity. so we are holding in

    strength gaining, not usual for a cruise of course, but as i recover strength lost whilst off sick so its the most positive cruise done to date, usually i hate it, as PBs become untouchable, gear effect fades and generally are fighting to hold onto things.

    30mins cardio...slowly pushing the speed up by 1 tiny notch each time

    Legs (weekend more serious gym!)
    Laying Ham Curl 81 1x10, 1x9 (one weight off pre injury)
    Watson Hack Squat... 3 plates each side 1x10 (60kg), 65kg each side 1x8
    Leg Press....8 plates a side 1x10, an improvement ! but way off best
    Single Leg Extension 45 1x10, 45 1x8, just reps shy of pre injury
    Abductor 103 1x12, 110 1x11
    Adductor 68 1x14, 1x13
    Seated Calf 30 1x12, 30 1x10

    solid workout, 2 exercises just shy of pre layoff bests and improvements across the board as strength returns...

    Pull 3
    Wide grip Lat pull 117, 1x7, 107 1x10, just 2 plates off pre injury,a good start
    Rack Deads ....4 plates a side 1x8, 3 plates 1x12.........too eager, this one will take time, felt pulling in injury area so webacked the fuck off.... getting back to just over 6 plates is going to take time
    One Arm hammer machine row....5 plates a side 1x11, 1x11 (1 plate off of PB)
    D bar, lat pull 107 1x11, 107 1x9 (reps shy of best)
    facing bench DB rear delt 12kg 1x12, 1x12
    single arm DB curl 12kg 1x14, 1x10

    downer on the Rack, that and regular deads are easily the worst so far and only thing close to causing me issues so caution ahead. otherwise so some positive stuff with a few things being reps shy of my bests and others its just a slow process of rebuildding........
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    117.6 on waking, very stable

    Smith Shoulder Press 115lb es 1x9, 1x9
    Smith Incline Press 115lb es 1x10, 125lb es 1x7
    Dip machine 110 1x8
    Low Incline DB fly 34kg 1x14
    Laying Side Cuff Raises 9.5 1x15, 13.5 1x9, 1x8
    Dual Rope Tricep Pull down 24 1x10, 1x9
    1 Arm preach curl 18kg 1x9, 1x9
    EZ Bar Curl 25lb es 1x10

    so again bit more progess, few things more in the region of 70/80% of previous, one or two things same weight just less reps. So very positive mentally, size is down clearly but we are on the right track