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    Off the top of my head Olympic plates big ones i got
    got small plates too 1.25,2.5,5Kg..
    I also have standard plates, i think 2x 25kg, not sure how many 20kg all the way down to 0.5 kg.
    so enough for me.
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    incline bench heavy duty
    squat stands Heavy duty
    chinning, Ab, dip station
    leg curl /extension bench
    Incline sit up bench some call it a roman chair
    seated preacher bench
    stationary bike, bores the shit out me but a good warm up.
    EZ curl bar .. never use it i hate it
    Tri bar parallel grip
    shit loads od adjustable Dumbell rods & 5kg plates to get some weight on there
    Olympic bar, Black feather steel for heavy weight
    standard bar but good quality steel not cheap shit. I plike it for curls ..etc.

    so enough to do anything really. have bands too for tri work. sometimes do high rep side laterals.
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    Got a new trap bar in my works gym
    Never really used one consistently before but I really like it
    Hand position for deads, rows n shrugs feels much more comfortable and I seem to be able to hit the target muscles better
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    never used one myself but what about doing shrugs behind your back like Lee haney did?
    4:45 mark
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    its not for shrugs- i mean yeah it is but not why im using its... the trap bar im using for more of a front squat with the weight at my sides of for actual deadlifting - for a a small home gym set up or even at an actual gym it just hits things differently....hand position makes more sense too
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    Banded Pull Down
    One Arm Rows
    Bent over rows .....3 rounds of 15 a piece as a warm up

    Bent Over Rows...loads of warm ups then 4 working sets

    Found two boxes to use as a sort of bench stand, helped a i just lay down and reached behind rather than the bollox i was doing the other day

    so Floor Press....loads of warm ups then 4 working sets

    Standing Barbell OHP......3 working sets

    Barbell Curl....3 working sets

    DB lat raise....3 working sets

    DB Fly / Tricep French Press with a super set...2 working sets

    Banded Tricep Push down....3 working sets

    not a bad little session.....good pump and some progress from last time...all i can ask for....

    just 3 new cases here today, and 4 yesterday and ALL are from the airport, so people tested on arrival....couple out of ICU, down to just 13 now, and hospital discharge up.... fingers crossed at this rate next Fridays review should be a peel back.

    Government has said Phase 1 will be Leisure facilities to open first as these are low risk, will resume restaurant controls plus all the usual bits we do now anyway - no entry to buildings or shops without masks or temp checks, government offices return from WFH etc

    Phase 2 would be kids back at school and resumption of all main business's now not open

    Phase 3 reopening of borders/airport - viewed as distant right now
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    yeah i mean why not i think it´s a good bit of kit. A bit like Dumbbell squats but of course you can load it up with more weight.
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    back in the game

    so aim was get back in , feel everything out, no ego lifts. Check form, check strength.....

    Did Pull Friday and Push Saturday pretty fucking happy...did extra warm ups on the big moves just to check....but managed to match or be within touching distance of previous bests... maybe one DB weight below or one plate on the cables but damn close. On shoulder press machine was a fresh all time best....

    Pre Workout felt great too, first time in months!!!

    MAG Pull Down 117 1x10, 117 1x8
    Trap Bar DL. 80kg es 1x10, 1x10
    D Bar CLose Pull Down 107 1x11, 117 1x6
    One Arm Hammer Row...5 plates 1x11, 6 plates 1x7
    DB Rear Delts as all machine busy 10kg 1x13, 1x12.... (and no 12kgs free)
    Calf press on leg Press 8 plates per side 1x10, 1x8
    One arm DB curl 12kg 1x12, 1x11 (done super strict leaning against vertical pad)

    Hammer Shoulder Press. Max+ 2x2.5kg plates on the handle..... 1x10, 1x8...
    DB Incline Press 55kg 1x10, 1x7
    Hammer Decline Press 45 1x9, 1x9....
    Pec Dec 103 1x11, 1x10,1x10
    One Arm Cable Raise 7.5 1x15, 1x12
    Tricep Pressdown 96 1x15, 103 1x12
    Fat Bar EZ Curl 15kg 1x8
    Calf Press 3 sets
    Hanging Leg Raise 2 sets
    Ab Rope Crunch 2 sets

    so all in all great first session back.

    UFC all morning 6am to 1pm! then shower and out
    Cardio, weather boiling here - 36 degrees and humid , so did it outside, long walk along the bay coast....sun tan and cardio at the same time....exhausting

    Laying Ham Curl 85 1x10, 1x9
    V Squat 4 plates per side 1x10, 4+25lb 1x10.....dont really like this machine too small...but limited choices
    Leg press 10 plates per side 1x10, 1x9
    Seated Leg Extension 115 1x11, 122.5 1x9
    Iso Ham Curl 62.5 1x12, 1x9
    Back Extension 25kg plate, 1x12, 1x12
    abductor and leg press mobbed so called it a day

    again not bad, close to bests except leg press but since injury id been slowly building and only been able to squat at bodyweight down... so all in all pretty happy

    Cycle Still 300 test, 300mg Mast, 300mg NPP and 700mg Primo - honestly dont feel like im on much at all, feel very very good....

    Weight been coming down slowly
    was 123.7 at start of home gyming....with diet (really nothing that hard just some reductions slowly)
    am now 119.4kg...noticeably leaner in the legs (my first part to get lean lean) ....will prob drop this week more as proper gym more demanding...

    Doing x2 35mins cardio per week plus small increase in steps on rest days...

    diet for those who care- for arguments sake call it 3500 on training day and 2500 on rest days

    training day 380p 70f 309c
    rest day 340p 52f 124c

    super hungry on the rest day but its cool, with the huge temperature and humidity jump here its manageable

    start of year was on 5k cals a day on training and 4.1k on rest days
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    Your rest day cals look very low for how heavy you are...what defecit does that put you in? Do you always have that much of a lower amount on rest days?
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    Don’t even know. Overthinking. My weight wasn’t budging enough so I removed some more from rest days. It’s only a cpl of days a week. My activity level is low too. Plus with gyms open now I didn’t want to remove workout days. So having gradually cut things down next step was reduce rest day to get the fat loss I want/need

    My rest days are about 1k lower at the height of my off 5k training, 4k rest.....and now with this latest cut its the same 3.5k vs 2.5k

    its very much situation dependant. Ive been home gyming since mid mar so overall expenditure was less - its just where I am right now. In previous diets ive been 2800 cals on low days for most prep, Im also not using anything like clen or T3 or even Tren right now.....if Tren is in, you can have higher cals generally.....

    Im also not afraid to add back in cals via refeeds - clean , just extra carbs as and when needed should i get there
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    Gyms a bit less mobbed which is good. Still had to wait which always frustrates me - and with a bit of DMAA added to my preworkout i was eager as fuck ...only used 0.05g and was feeling it....the benefits of no use since 2020, and only using Pre Workouts over the last few days

    Smith Shoulder Press 115lb es 1x10, 120lb es 1x10
    Incline Smith Bench 125lb es 1x8, 1x5
    Dips 2x10 with 107.5lb
    DB Fly 24kg 1x15
    Laying Shoulder Cable Lat Raise 9.5 1x15, 1x14, 13.5 1x8
    Dual Rope Tricep Push Down 24 1x15, 28 1x12, 28 1x11
    1 Arm Preacher 18kg 1x10, 20kg 1x7
    EZ Bar Curl...didnt have time, same for abs

    so not bad compared to pre lockdown (which was 6 weeks into my recovery so to speak - so i wasnt at max strength) im not far off the pace. Pretty much matched the reps and weight for the Press and Bench - still work to be done as its well off PBs but the fact im no worse off than pre lockdown/gym closures is a good sign, especially as my cals are much lower, and im doing more Cardio....Also im doing a bit more warm up too which is taking some out of my top Im pleased knowing i should be able to get a bit stronger over the next weeks
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