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Anabolic Steroids For Beginner!

Discussion in 'Anabolic Steroids & Prohormones' started by ryan1983, Nov 5, 2019.

  1. ryan1983


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    You’re probably right actually, i probably am being lazy. I have however spent a long time looking over foods etc, but its really confusing. Reading all about macro nutrients, carbs, fats etc etc; It makes it quite complicated for me to understand. I’ve been looking for example foods to eat and avoid, but in the UK because overseas they have different names for everything and measurements etc etc

    i’d rather as a thousand questions to get a good start with this than not.
  2. Sjundea

    Sjundea Top Contributor

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    How you can expect anyone to advise on a diet is silly. We don't know you, how your body responds, how fat you are, how hard you will train, metabolism, likes/dislikes.
    Can you not see that?
    You need to read what others do and adjust to yourself.
  3. Scudd33

    Scudd33 Full Member

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    It’s a strange place this don’t worry it’s not aimed at you bud just take it all with a big pinch of salt
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  4. huntingground

    huntingground King Kenny Competitor

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    Look in diet section.

    Look in training section.

    That is second time I have stated the above.
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  5. Sjundea

    Sjundea Top Contributor

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    Think you need to do it for him mate.
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  6. BustaNutt

    BustaNutt Mr Nuttivator Full Member

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    I know you said your diet is healthy but you should write down exactly what you eat on a day to day basis. Might become clear that it’s not as healthy or suitable to putting on muscle as you thought. That’s a good place to start, and the more knowledgable guys on here can make recommendations to you based off that. Beginner workouts are easy to find on the internet. My old gym’s owner used to give me workout sheets and they were really useful but you can find beginner templates on bodybuilding.com for example.
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  7. Greedy Ben

    Greedy Ben Top Contributor

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    The problem is the approach fella.
    Steroids aren't for beginners.
    They are the icing on the cake and you haven't got any sponge or a tray.

    Take a pic of yourself, black/blur out your face.

    List an average days eating and be honest.

    The info is all on here but if you can't read all that well just ask simple questions instead of 'how much gear should I take, where do I stick it, what shall I eat for breakfast, what should I train with chest and how many times a week should I squat?'
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  8. tomlet1

    tomlet1 Mr Glass Top Contributor

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    You've let yourself and everyone around you down OP.
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  9. Porky

    Porky Committee brofessor Top Contributor

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    I'm not angry op, just disappoint
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  10. TBLifter

    TBLifter Top Contributor

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    Just because you don't like a response, doesn't mean it is aggressive. Believe it or not the reason for the frank and up front responses is because people don't want you to fuck yourself up on the advice of someone trying to sell steroids.

    To the points made in this thread why not commit yourself to 12 weeks of clean eating and solid training, see what that does first.

    Better than shutting down the endocrine system of someone who isn't really sure they like training, with mental health issues, and autism.

    All this said your 36years old you can do what the fuck you like, just don't expect anyone to suddenly say a bad idea is a good idea.
  11. G-G

    G-G Ex Competitor

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    Simple diet advice OP...

    In order to know what you need you have to know what you’re using.

    Track everything you put in your mouth for the next two weeks on an app like myfitnesspal and log your weight. And by track I mean weigh everything, log everything...

    This will give you an idea of what you’re eating and your calorie expenditure. (If the gain weight, you’re eating more than you need, if you drop weight, you’re eating less than you need)

    Then look to change out any convenience meals for something better.
    “Better” would be lean fresh meats over processed meats.
    Complex carbs over simple carbs.

    Dont worry about eating 6 meals a day or protein shakes or anything like that at this stage, just making better food choices and being consistent with training is the important stuff at first.
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  12. noel

    noel Moderator

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    so where is any posting about what you actually eat now

    list it all out food/drink, portion size

    step 1 of the journey.... how much fuel are you putting in the engine....
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