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Anavar And T3s?

Discussion in 'Anabolic Steroids & Prohormones' started by Kirsty Adwick, May 10, 2018.

  1. Kirsty Adwick

    Kirsty Adwick

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    Were does everyone get theres from?
    Im a newbie to theese, only done clenn and hated it so much! Any advice for a first time gal?
    Ive read to start on 10mg anvar and not to exceed 20mg?
    Can i stack them with t3s?
    Basically im wanting what we all want to cut and keep muscel at the same time.
    My arse is growing my arms and legs are improving but i really need to strip the fat!

  2. noel

    noel Top Contributor

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    getting mildly suspicious you've asked for sources for mt2, and queried a few then now its gear source asking - which isn't allowed...

    anavar wont strip fat, diet and hard graft in the gym will

    be careful with t3 use - its wildly abused - get your t3 and t4 levels checked first .... as many women have imbalances in these so advice is to see where you are first - if you have lots of body fat then get it off first then work on adding muscle. you wont have any idea of how much muscle you really have until you diet down properly

    personally - no need for anavar here - just some hard work in the gym - not to mention anavar can make women hold water anyway

    if you are determined to use 5mg will be plenty if its real...10mg max - but you wont get much from it in terms of shrinking - most likely the opposite unless you really are dieting hard
  3. Getbig25

    Getbig25 Top Contributor

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    Current pics to assess?
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  4. Robbie

    Robbie Top Contributor

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    Maybe try clen again, but start and stay low 20mcg a day?

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