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Discussion in 'Anonymous' started by Reacher, Nov 27, 2018.

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    at best its generic relabeled...

    however usually anyone with a modicum of sense knows that GH commands a premium so uses some of that markup to make the packaging at least look decent. Or sells generics as lower cost but are quite open about what they are....
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    makes perfect sense that.

    I'm not on the look out for any and as I said above just got a message asking if I was interested...
    never used GH and if honest never really trusted what I can buy ( without making much effort ) was any good.
    These 200iu kits unsurprisingly lol were a good price given what I understand to be about the usual price for 100iu.
    Have swerved it and just asked the question on the off chance folks might say, yeah it's ok, obvs generic ( like what isn't :) )

    but you never know till you ask.
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