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Anyone Still Use Dc Training ?

Discussion in 'General Bodybuilding' started by Reacher, Jan 20, 2016.

  1. Reacher

    Reacher Top Contributor

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    As fortitude training is getting used and looked at by more and more people, ( me included ) so it appears.
    It's had me reading back over DC training ( dogg crapp ) and just got me wondering if its still greatly used by many.
    I used to love DC but moved away over time to more volume training which has wrecked my elbows now I suspect..
    Anyone still DC, or used to ?
    What do you like or dislike with it ?

  2. Con

    Con Moderator

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    I like Fortitude Training which was created by the official DC coach after DANTE stopped coaching people.
    It has heavy loading but tons of higher rep work which is much friendlier on the joints.
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  3. Jim

    Jim 2x British Champ Competitor

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    Like dc
    But as with any log book chasing I get injured
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  4. PaulAnderson

    PaulAnderson Top Contributor

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    I haven't used DC in a long time.

    I really enjoyed it when I did it, but I would needed more time than I do currently to do it properly with all the stretching.

    I do occasionally throw in some DC style rest-paused sets from time to time, and have used some of the stretches separately. I found the chest, thigh and shoulder stretches good.
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  5. hsmann87

    hsmann87 Top Contributor

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    The idea of logbook chasing is good but as JIm said it does cause injuries, strains etc

    I like to have on and off periods. I have had an off period for a while now so will be getting back on it from Feb :)
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  6. JANIKvonD

    JANIKvonD Top Contributor

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    I still do the DC stretches... that's about it lol
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  7. Jim

    Jim 2x British Champ Competitor

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    The DC principles are great
    Low volume, high intensity, high frequency, progressive overload, progressive stretching etc...

    I dnt like the statistic holds, took them out very early on.
    The volume is for me a little TOO low so I added to the programme after a few runs.

    I have had some of my best growing phases using many of the dc principles but it has always lead to injury...
    I progress in strength very fast and always have.

    I'd tend to add an iso move to every body part
    Usually a machine that's safe to fail on.
    I'd ether make it a high rep widow maker style set or a 2nd triple rp set. ..

    Legs I'd always do the high rep set 1st then the heavy set.
    I'd also add extensions
    I'd ether use em as a pre exhaust still using the triple rp or at the end as a drop set.

    Very rearly pressed on shoulders
    With this programme

    That's it from me...
    Liked it
    Would do it again...
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  8. Scott Stevenson

    Scott Stevenson

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    I haven't had someone inquire about DC training for years now, actually. Dante was totally burnt out and simply wasn't bothering with dealing with inquiries, etc., so things sort of died it. It's too bad, b/c the program is phenomenal and I think it added an important aspect to he training landscape - progressive overload with heavy ("slag") iron and basic movements. One of the gyms I train at here in Tampa is FULL of competitors, but I notice that very few of them are doing basic, get it done kind of training. It's kind of bizarre in that it's loaded with very good competitors but there is a lot of fluff training like you'd see at a regular old big box gym. I think there are a lot of reasons, some of it being culturally specific to the U.S. There is a reason why a guy like Bo$@(*n L. can rise in popularity so quickly in the bodybuilding world - he's kind of the antithesis of Dante.

    What is sometimes lost, I think too, is that Dante was / is adept at customizing things for folks when his basic approach wasn't working. He did this with Dusty Hanshaw and mentioned some of his approaches on intense muscle, but never really formalized them. (It would have been hard to do to make it for mass consumption and by that time, he was forcing himself to even think about DC training). This left DC training as the most basic approach that he came up with (WHICH WORKS DAMN WELL), but was something that didn't have the flexibility for most folks to use for years and years. (The DC Nazis - enforcing the rule that one do DC EXACTLY the way Dante said - had / have a good point in that there can be a lot to be learned there, but this also constrained DC Training to a very narrow kind of program design in the minds of many folks. I would do things with DC trainees that were outside that box, as would Dante...)

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