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    I disagree entirely that bodybuilding cannot cause or contribute to body dysmorphia.
    My own personal view/experience is that i started lifting at 10 ish stone. Eventually reached 18 stone. When i first started training the goal was to get to 13 stone. The goal posts kept moving as i got bigger as i was never big enough in my own mind (this is body dysmorphia).
    Was i the biggest obviously not. I personally feel anyone obsessed over the weight of rice they are eating, injecting peds, taking pics in mirrors ane critiquing themself has some form of body dysmorphia. If you didnt surely you'd just accept what you were given!?
    I am all for self improvement but when it becomes consuming and dictating your daily life that in my view is when it has got a grasp on you mentally. Is body dysmorphia a bad thing, for some maybe not. But for the majority who dont make a living from being big then it is a waste in my opinion. I have been guilty of all the things mentioned here and when i was in my 20s i wouldnt bat an eye if someone said bodybuilding is narcissistic/egotistical and to some extent a potential mental illness if you go to the extreme (think Rich Piana and similar). I'd think they were mad. Now in my early 30s i realise it was actually good advice.
    Am i against peds or bodybuilding? No! I just think to some level anyone on drugs to enhance their physique has some form of body dysmorphia and to dismiss that viewpoint entirely is incorrect.
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