Bodybuilding Has Lied To You

Discussion in 'Articles' started by TinyTim, Apr 3, 2015.

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    Kipping bench and swurls for arms
    Is how I roll.
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    I know exactly what mean about this, I recently finished 6 week DTP training program, Some of the leg session were just pure brutal with the amount of volume 8-900 reps per session pyramid sets ranging from 50 reps to 5 reps, Felt sick/light headed most session but absolutely loved them, Felt like a huge sense of achievement when you finish the workout.
    Last week i went back to training as i did previously before starting the program, Just the average 8-12 reps 4 sets per exercise with a few drop sets thrown in and as you state Con it just feels like a "cruise" workout like no matter how hard you push your never get that sense of achievement like when you finish one of them brutal high volume sessions.
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    Haven't read all the replies, literally the referenced post, my apologies, don't mean to be ignorant just short on time but I felt I must get my tuppence worth in :)

    Bodybuilding hasn't lied to anyone that doesn't want told a lie.

    What I mean by that is that we all want lied to, we all want to buy into bullshit, we all get whats coming to us.

    And what I mean by this is, I refuse to believe that any human of even moderate intelligence doesn't already know the truth; break yourself 7/8ths of the way in the gym, eat lots of good food and rest well - thats the truth, however you choose to achieve it.

    Commercialism hijacked bodybuilding like the parasite it is - if anything has lied to you it is that - but we all welcomed it with open arms.
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    I think one of the most important lies to be avoided is the idea that there is only one approach that will work for everyone all the time.

    Forums and gyms are full of different characters and personalities and I love pretty much every kind but the one type that irks me is the "one size fits all lecturer" - from them comes advice that contradicts the most fundamental rule of trying to make a change to your body - as your body changes, so will be the things you need to do to keep it changing.

    No longer growing? Change your diet, and find a way to be progressive with your training.

    Not losing fat? See above.

    Just be constantly aware of how you are responding over time and adjust sensibly as needed.

    Final additional comment to all should be a reminder that people are different - we are different at different stages of development to each other, we have different physical capacities (strength, recovery, endurance, genetic ability to add muscle or function well in an energy deficit etc), different levels of natural appetite, and different psychological responses to exercise intensity and different emotional relationships to food. What we each do has to fit our own best way of navigating around all those things if we want to keep improving - know thyself and find out how to work to our strengths with intelligent adjustment as we go, that's basically it.
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    Few years to late for that joke to be valid, should have tagged the producer lol
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    Yes and no, I don't fully agree with it, or think the guy is that impressive who wrote it, not sure why so many seem to be on his dick, must be a T-nation worship thing, (not you, the people who talk about him with such high regard).

    To me it screams different to be different, like pretty much all new and exciting programs.

    But I do like the idea of knowing in advance, even weeks in advance what you need to hit, and think it is essential for optimal progress to go into the gym each session knowing what you are going to do, sets, warm ups, etc, not make it up as you go along.

    As Ramsey said, most love to be lied to, esp when it is themselves doing the lying, "we'll go for sarcoplasmic hypertrophy this week, bring on those cables", rather than doing something hard, but useful.
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    I think that's a bit short takes seconds to right down how many reps you've done on a set. More productive use of your time than what a lot of gym rats do and start texting some random lass or messing around for five mins between sets.

    Let's not forget we are talking about guys who can't see the wood for the trees here. Not people who have spent years building their strength and size and instinctively know what enough is.
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    Leroy colbert talks about the tricep curl a lot in his videos, is this a real exercise, or a sign of dementia creeping up on old leroy?
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    I've read 7 pages of this shit now but i'm still none the wiser about whether or not it's acceptable for me to do curls in the squat rack.

    High rep curls as well motherfuckers.
    On Arm Day.
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    I do mate, did 21's with just the bar today in the rack
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    have to admit I curled in the squat rack today,old school.