Box Squats

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    Leg day today and I started by warming up to 140kg for 6 reps from 60kg.

    I wrapped up and thought I'd try some box squats? Never done them before?

    I've only get an adjustable bench so that would have to do for the time been but what do you guys think? I had warmed up with conventional back squats to depth.

    Finished off with 4 sets of leg extensions and some goblet squats. Plus 4 sets of leg curls and 4 sets of stiff legged dead lifts.
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    I squat down to a bench these days..i love it!
    Just above parallel and can go heavy and high reps, i finish off with light deep squats and that hits glutes adducter muscles etc
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    Box squats are ok for overload work.

    This is more of a squat to box. Original Westside box squats have the lifter come down, rock back to take tension off legs, then rock forward, contracting hammys to initiate the movement and fire back up.

    Some cues

    Move your grip out wider so you can get a full grip on the bar

    Push your knees out more, maybe turn toes out a little more

    Hold your breathing (in/out) for only when you’re at the top of the movement.

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