Buying Prescription Glasses Online

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Reacher, Oct 21, 2021.

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    Does anyone have experience of buying their glasses online ?
    picked out some frames at opticians, then lenses etc..
    got home checked online and I can buy frames almost £100 cheaper and about same saving on lenses...
    frames are the same, but what is lense quality like from online sellers ?
    seems too big a saving to be legit without some quality being lost.
  2. Raisin

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    I have terrible eyesight. Usually have to spend hundreds on the lenses to get them thin enough to suit fashionable frames.
    I get my contacts from Specsavers and usually a pair of geeks every couple years. Bought online last year. Saved at least 50% AND got Ray Ban frames instead of Specsavers own brand frames.
    Get your measurements right and you won’t be disappointed.

    Note: I wear lenses most of the time. Glasses in the morning before leaving the house and maybe an hour before bed.
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  3. Greedy Ben

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    No idea but once you have your prescription strength thats it, should be the same strength/power no returns policy for online frames?

    I don't go to the optician I just get stronger contact lenses when needed, I'm short sighted so I know if car number plates are getting blurry at a certain distance I need the next power up on my prescription :lol:
    They only tell you the same old shit and that one eye is stronger than the other etc.
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  4. Sjundea

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    I wear specs.
    I am lazy and just go opticians.
    Usually go for 2 for 1 designer specs but ask not to get 2nd pair and simply have the lenses thinned down instead of 2nd pair. I don't need 2 pairs anyhow.
    My current Hackett ones cost me like 200 all in.
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  5. NoPain

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    I buy them online all the time works like a dream my company gives me a certain amount per yer and I get 5 pairs and a couple of sunglasses a year all prescription online every year I have a collection.
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  6. welshguy84

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    I contemplated online ones but once added all the extra bits wasn't really worth it. Plus now I can just walk into specsavers and get them fixed/adjusted if needed.

    I always get the 2 for 1. Got some recently and got the 2nd pair as a nice pair of sunglasses and paid £150 for both
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  7. TBLifter

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    bought my wife a bunch of cheap back ups online and they were great loads of different suppliers tbf
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