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Discussion in 'General Bodybuilding' started by Harry_ss, Jun 7, 2020.

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    Just curious when doing cardio to lose fat, do you guys ensure to keep low enough intensity to stay in the fat burning zone?

    When on a cut I’ve generally always stuck to doing Half hour at a medium intensity (probably at the higher end of the fat burn zone and above this zone) on the treadmill/stairmaster or do some HIIT work (15 second sprints).

    I’ve never really given much thought to Keeping intensity Low enough to stick within a certain heart rate zone. I know in the fat burn zone it’s more aerobic and this uses fats as main fuel as opposed to carbs in the higher heart rate zones.

    Since lockdown I’ve been going for a pretty intense 30-40 min jog Outside most mornings and my heart rate during this is way over the fat burn zone. I know this is considered more anaerobic work than the low intensity jogs/walks and therefore uses carbs rather than fats as the energy source, but is this actually going to make any impact on fat loss or is it just calories in/out still which is the deciding factor?

    As mentioned, it’s not something I’ve really given much thought about in the past but came across a YouTube video today where the guy was basically saying to keep within the fat burn zone or your almost wasting your time. Whereas I’ve always seen things in a more simplified calories in vs calories out perspective.

    Worth mentioning:
    - I don’t compete so the slightly higher intensity runs potentially having some very minimal impact on muscle isn’t a huge issue for me.
    -I’m on a typical 40/40/20 bodybuilders diet, nothing fancy.
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    There is no fat burning zone. You use fat as fuel at higher intensity as well (just not fat).
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    What do you think will burn more calories? Some HIIT workouts or your long run?

    I cycle every day, a mix between mountainbiking and road riding. I aim for an hour each session and make sure I go hard enough to make me sweat.

    Calories in, calories out. Simple as that.
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    there's arguments for all types of cardio, Hit, liss, fasted ect...

    most importantly imo is to do what you like and will do.
    Am I going to do the most efficient form of cardio if I fucking hate every min of it ?
    if I enjoy walking my dogs for an hour in a morning before breakfast am I more likely to do that.....
    find what you like, what you will do with regularity and do that.
    best interval plan in the worlds no good if you do it twice and think fuck it.
  5. cardios cardio. LISS is my preferance but doing anything is better than nothing.
    during last prep i done 2 hours a day of stairmaster killing myself and ended up going nowhere and shutting metabolism down. No carbs too.

    added carbs and lestened the stairs to 20 minutes and things fixed themselves. You got to find what you like with cardio.
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    Too much cv and low cals is detrimental imo
    I've been there and the increased stress and cortisol just made me hold water
    Dropped cv completely to 10k steps a day and the water dropped off
    If anybody needs hours of cv in prep theyve got something wrong somewhere down the line imo
  7. thats true. i was just stuck in the old school mindset of more is better. diet was awful on fish and veg. Hired Lewis Breeds coach. changed it all and added red meat oats and other things. lowered workload as i was ahead and changed my completely. did have me on 3grms though, put me in a bad way post show.
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  8. any plans on competing again?
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    Not really at this stage
    Right now I'm just really enjoying what I do
    I really enjoy training and nutrition and for now the goal is simply to be as big and lean as I can be whilst staying fit and healthy and not too strict
    Sounds obvious as that's probably most peoples goals but that's the challenge I'm enjoying
    As for competing, I've only competed in 2017
    Theres a few things I could have done better so would like to compete again to put those things right and be much better on stage
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    Who is the coach mate?

    Are you on Insta at all?
  11. I was on insta hes a good coach Martin something I forget his name but he's helped alot of guys do well this year. I'll find out for you
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    Martin winston. Aka the condition coach on Instagram.
    I use him. V good.
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  13. That's the lad. Yeah he is the best coach I used tbf I didn't use him for prep for long was only 3 weeks before. Really helped me out