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Cardio while on dbol

I’ll be taking dbol orals soon but I want to make sure I do whatever I can to help keep my heart healthy.

I used to be a half marathon runner a few years ago until I screwed up my knee

Now I know dbol And running just don’t mix so I won’t be doing anything like my old training but if I stick to the cross trainer am I going to get the back/leg pumps associated with running on dbol? I know I could use the stationary bike but I get bored far too easy on that so I’d favour the cross trainer.
If you want to keep your heart healthy while on dbol you’d be better off thinking about your diet or supplements imo.
Ok, let’s just say I HAD to do some kind of cardio. What would be best to strengthen my heart on dbol?
X trainer would be fine, I do incline walking for an hour at a time, get the heart rate 120 BPM.
I don't get why you wanna run dbol. The main purpose of dbol is for bulking. It will affect your heart no matter what you do, because of the water retention. Bad for estrogen aswell.