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    Just jumping in to add moral support and all that!

    Currently at right over 6% so pretty much ready for contests with a couple weeks notice.
    Legs are smooth and body is flat AF as I walked all morning and I have had 10 days of on and off stomach bug which has left me pretty trashed! A good place for a contest like this though as in even a week I will look way better LMAO.

    Goals = grow into shows which start in April and go through July/August. I got the fat off am on what I call a "hrt supplement" program. So supps will increase slowly into the shows adding compounds and so on. Food is right around 3k per day.

    Still struggling like hell to pose properly and that right side is still uneven compared to left on the rear shots. That's why I will be doing a load of warm up shows before the big shows. Dial in that posing from retard to OK level!

    Starting pictures.
    15878483_611613809043309_491074095_o.jpg 15902572_611613749043315_1225656657_o.jpg

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    Today's training....
    Bench supported barbell rows (2 boxes elevate a slightly inclined bench lay with face off the inclined end and row the bar until each rep hits the underside of the bench)- x2 heavy sets x1 double drop set
    Pulldowns with a full pause at the top and bottom- x1 heavy set x1 double drop set
    Leaning forward at all times close grip MAG handle rows- x1 heavy set x1 double drop set
    BB shrugs- x3 high rep sets
    Hammer pulldowns- x2 sets with a full pause on each rep just focusing on maximum contraction
    Hammer machine rows- x1 set to failure with partials
    Incline db press-x2 heavy set x1 single drop set
    Machine flies- x3 medium rep sets just focusing on maximum contraction

    Now that I am leaner and ensuring I don't get any tears every set is done with extreme intent.
    Medium speed nothing explosive with every rep having a maximum contraction.

    I will now be growing some tissue while removing the last few lb of fat so smart training is key!
    In the past I have been very lean but I have never had that insane condition you see guys like John Meadows and those middle east guys get....that's the goal this year!
    To achieve that without thinning my legs and arms out too much will require a SLOWLY SLOWLY approach.
    Talking about 1lb of fat lost per month nothing faster than that from here on out.
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    Look great con :thumb:
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    In class shape
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    Cont@ slightly off topic,will all the 2017 transformation logs be keep in one PLACE.?

    BTW your looking OK
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    how do you think you will bring your back up clearly its your weak point.....LOL

    looking good as always

    cant wait to see finished article...
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    Training Log:
    Click Here
    how do you find the torn lat? does it impact anything these days?
    aired my kudos on FB but again, looking toiiiight.
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    Looking great man! Awesome.
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    The lat tear is no issue, I can feel a slight difference in unilateral exercises that's about it.
    What gives me issues is holding my right shoulder back.
    Looking at this picture it's probably strange sounding when I say it's my left not my right lat that is torn lol.
    My body positioning makes me right rear delt look 50% the size of the other. This isn't the actual case but unless I can position it correctly every single time it may as well be.

    I have one of those shoulder pull back devices from SPUD inc which I need to start using every day to loosen it out more.

    In the front dbl biceps you can see a slight indent into the tissue that being the tear.
    Thankfully it's a depth indent and not an indent into the side of the muscle tissue.
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    Yesterday was a rest day, tomorrow will be a rest day, here's today's training.
    Only including working sets.
    1 legged hamstring curls elevating upper body and pushing working hip into the bench to isolate the hamstrings- 3 sets 6-10, 1 set 5 reps but each rep had a forced negative
    SLDL using small plates- 3 sets 10 reps
    Leg press feet low with a grey and black band attached along with the weight- 3 sets 10-12 reps all with a 4 second negative, lightly touch supports that were set where my knees would touch the chest
    Inner thigh- 19 reps using a very wide position to literally stretch me on each rep
    Leg press calve raises- 3 set every portion of the rep taking 3 seconds (lower, lifting, pausing top, pausing bottom)
    Slight incline DB press- 3 sets 6-10 reps
    Chest supported barbell rows- 2 sets 4-6 reps
    Lat pull downs regular style- 2 sets 8-12 reps
    Cable rows- 2 sets 6-10 reps
    Seated side laterals- 3 sets 12-15 reps using a very controlled rep tempo
    Behind head pull down for rear delts- 3 sets 12-15 reps
    Dips- body weight with a pause in the stretched position on each rep 3 sets to failure including partials
    1 arm reverse preacher curls- 3 sets 8-12 reps

    Lately I have either done a upper/lower or a full body split.
    My goal is simply stimulate the muscle with most intense effort I can.
    Meaning really isolated controlled contractions instead of moving maximal weight.
    All sets are taken to failure with a few partials, but because I make every set so strict my overall body stress isn't huge because I can't use as much weight.
    Even on the compounds I am purely focusing on the target muscle so for SLDL I will in a "power" phase use 500lb for sets of 8-12 but atm I will only use low 300's.
    I will focus on slow reps only where I feel the muscle working.

    This is NOT a year round approach! But right now my goal is adjusting to a new level of conditioning that I will only improve upon over the coming months. For right now I don't need to be leaner than 6%. It would be moronic to be peeled out of my mind with several months to go until the big shows LOL

    If you just go from 10% bf down to 6% and keep lifting the exact same way it's easy to get hurt!
    Once the body is used to being leaner which takes a few weeks of maintaining at that new level of body fat the training become much more power focused again!
    Remember on the initial leaning out phase and until you're back in balance for several weeks....the body WILL be DEPLETED!
    You don't want to use insane poundage when depleted that's when you get hurt.
    I don't think it's a case of being too lean it's a case of being too depleted!
    Within a couple of weeks I will be back to using my normal weights that's for sure I much prefer that than the extremely isolated lifting!
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    Loooking tiiiight my irish brother
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    Very lean!

    Looking good mate.
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    I increased my calories and my supplements to what I would consider a high level. Certainly the highest level I have done in over 6 years!
    Being in the States I can only use SARMS as AAS are illegal but the stack would relate to 300mg test every 4 days, 25mg dianabol every day, 75mg primo ace pills every day, 8iu insulin pre workout (this is legal here so no problem), the equivalent of 5iu gh every day. The only problem is SARMS cost quite a bit to get to these dosages but Tony Huge and his channel on youtube has assured me taking out that loan will pay off in massive gains....:lol:
    The goal is to gain some muscle tissue while staying very lean but a little fat gain is acceptable (seeing that I was within striking distance to a show as long as I don't go over 8% or so it should be fine to go).
    I have a method now where I can lose 3% body fat (legit 3% ) in 2's a pretty shitty 2 weeks that consists of lean protein, stims and walking 30k steps per day and so on but it works and no muscle is lost.

    Training, honestly what I have been doing is very similar to FT but I can't call it FT because I do things that are not included.
    Meaning I do day 1: heavy legs pump upper day 2: heavy upper pump legs day 3/4: are full body days but I don't only do muscle rounds, I also do rest pause, drop sets, moderately heavy straight sets and some other things.
    The main problem is my training partner and I have some mental issues (lol) and we smash each other into the ground.
    So we do take regular "deloads" but for us that means 3-5 days off training, we're doing a deload starting tomorrow until Monday.
    Basically we stim up then for 2 hours try to kill each other which works well for us.
    The dude is natural but strong AF and training is his life besides his wife and new born son.
    He's not quite as strong as me but god love him he keeps up on nearly every thing weight for weight just ends up getting a few less reps usually.
    I honestly think a training partner that suits your personality is exactly what everyone needs but it's so hard to find!!!
    He's the best training partner I have ever had besides my mother (as funny as that sounds!).
    He's very quite and rather religious so quite the opposite of me but he has no trouble calling me names and getting inside my head for a good session!

    A goal I am really starting to revisit is the goal of deadlifting 800lb in a contest.
    My chiro says I can do it, I just have to build my CNS up for it.
    Problem is my training partner can't handle deadlifts well due to a dicky back so I am trying to find a method where I can train deads once per week in a very abbreviated fashion.
    So if any one has a suggest I am all ears?
    I was thinking of working in sets of 6 each week do another set of 6 with a heavier weight.
    Once I can pull 700lb for 6 I should be good for 800lb for one.
    @Dig seeing that you're the strength master and it's hard for me to objectively see the route I should take what do you suggest?
    I have the muscle tissue to support an 800lb pull and without training any day of the week I am good for a low 700's pull (meaning is some one says "Con bet you $50 you can't pull 725lb with a 5 minute warm up even though you trained this AM" I could do it). Problem is it's such a huge mental and CNS stress to go over that....I wont lie I have a certain level of fear about the lift....OK a LOT of fear haha.
    Another route I was thinking.....Rack pulls on a box so bar is competition height with very thick bands (I have ones that give about 180lb at lockout), If I worked up to pulling 800lb like this which probably would take a month (4 runs at it) then I will be able to hold the weight and not pass the fuck out LOL. The question is at that point what do I do? Lose the bands and rack pull beneath the knee then drop the height by 1 inch each week until pulling off the floor? Problem is mid shin is just as hard as pulling from the floor so not sure how much sense that makes?
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    Oh and a run down of how my diet has been looking.
    During night: 50 grams protein via casein/whey mix (dat old man syndrome i wake up to piss at 3am every night on the button so i drink it then)
    Breakfast: 80g oats, 2 cups mixed berries, 2 whole eggs, 1 scoop whey isolate
    During training: the list is too long to list what i put in this as i have it all written on a sheet basically i take every single supplement i can in powdered form in this shake but its 100 carb 30 protein
    PWO: 180 grams cooked chicken, 80 grams carbs via rice
    Meal: same as PWO
    Early evening: 180 grams cooked steak (lean usually fillet), 1 avocado, 2 portions oven fries (basically potato with an extra 5g fat from the oil they put in it), huge salad with nuts and udos oil
    Before bed: 180 grams cooked 96% lean beef, 1 avocado, perhaps a few oven fries just for taste, 1/2 portion fat free greek yogurt (helps the beef go down easier), more salad, the odd treat like a slice of cake or some ice cream but if the fat starts rolling on this comes out right away!

    On rest days I just shoot for 350p less than 100c and fat varies but I get some fat in with most meals, plenty of greens, salad.
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    Personally I'd keep it simple and just pull off the floor, deadstop reps.

    With all the other work id do one working set with a good 7 days rest inbetween as they'll take a lot out of you with the weights you use and then have all the other back and leg work to consider. Also won't piss training partner off too much if not spending too long on them.

    I'd just work backwards so goal is 362...what do you need to be hitting to achieve it? 317x6 should deffo do it but run the risk of getting better at the higher reps so id be doing heavy 2-4 range as well.



    Obviously depends where you're at now rep wise just a vague plan. So to hit 362 you may need to hit 245x2 but you should be getting a little stronger each week as well so 240x2 would prob set you up for it. Don't always have to be all out but need to be heavy enough to set you up for the following week.

    Best just evaluating week to week. If feel tired just drop deads that week, and re commence after a bit more rest.
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