Creatine And Women

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    Is creatine the most effective supplement for strength and performance?

    Many women fear taking creatine because it is normal associated with weight gain due to the fact that creatine causes water retention in skeletal muscles.

    But is this a bad thing?

    Is it not better for the muscles to be hyper-hydrated, especially when you want to workout?

    Your muscles need to be juiced up and ready for an intense workout, and creatine can offer this.

    Creatine fills out the muscles with water and blood (of course) which leads to greater vasodilation.
    Weight gain from creatine use is not only down to your muscles filling up with water, but also due to an increase in both your muscle and bone mass.

    Do you know that your brain also uses a lot of the creatine?

    Creatine can improve your focus giving you the clarity needed to face your workout square-on. Creatine increases red blood cell production which in turn increases the flow of oxygenated blood to every part of your body including your brain.

    So creatine can help improve your mental strength, especially if you're stressed - but need to keep up your daily workout routine.

    Creatine can increase both bone density and mass which is great, as we lose both when we get older.
    Did you know that pregnant women also use creatine?

    Well, I'm no doctor, so I advice that you seek the opinion of your physician before you take creatine if you're pregnant. But because creatine increases oxygen supply in the body, it could help pregnant women avoid pregnancy complications.

    Now if you are a vegan, you might want to consider including a creatine supplement in your diet.

    Creatine in its natural form can be obtained from animal protein. So if you don't eat meat, you are most likely low on creatine.

    Now the catch is - the amino acid of creatine is actually vegan in nature, so by taking the creatine supplement you're not breaking your vegan principles.

    Recommended Creatine Dose for women:

    - 5g daily.

    Parting note:

    If you want to get a creatine supplement I advice you go for one with glutamine in it. Why? Well, because glutamine is great for your recovery.

    So if you want to build muscle mass, strength or performance in your training, creatine will help with that while glutamine will also help you during recovery.

    In summary,

    Creatine is great for...

    - increasing weight,
    - increasing muscle mass,
    - increasing bone mass and density,
    - improving strength,
    - improving performance.

    Happy bodybuilding!
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    Sorry Jane!:rofl:
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    I like your posts as you try to contribute something positive to the site and I'm one of the few people that gives you `likes` here but are you posting these messages with some background knowledge and real experience or are you just copying/pasting google bollox ?
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    @pooley1810 can we please ban this multiple account holding bellend!