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Current & Past Aas Users Required For Research

Discussion in 'Anabolic Steroids & Prohormones' started by alex_k_t, Oct 9, 2019.

  1. alex_k_t


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    Current and Past anabolic steroid users living in the United Kingdom or Europe are required for research – last chance to get involved for 2019!

    Our research team is looking for men aged 20-40 who live in the United Kingdom or Europe and are:

    1) current steroid users who have ideally been exposed to steroids for a cumulative period of 20 weeks (a shorter steroid cycle would be permitted)

    2) previous steroid users who have taken steroids 2 or more years ago ideally for at least 20 weeks, but since then have been steroid free.

    If a current user cycles off anabolic steroids soon after being sampled they will be invited back for further sampling in 20 weeks’ time. During this time, they would not have exposed themselves to any further steroid cycles (i.e. would conduct a PCT & be off cycle and not be cruising on a TRT dose). By sampling these individuals close to the conclusion of their steroid cycle (where we would hypothesize their androgen receptor binding would be superphysiological) and then 20 weeks later, we will be able to investigate if a memory effect is occurring. By measuring muscle mass at the conclusion of the cycle and 20 weeks afterwards we will also investigate how much muscle is maintained/lost when someone cycles off anabolic steroids

    If cycling off AAS is not in your current plans and you are a current user, you can still visit the laboratory once because we will be able to use the collect samples to better our understanding on how AAS cause muscle growth at the molecular level (in terms of androgen receptor binding and DNA interactions etc).

    Additionally, we will be measuring the gene expression inside the muscle and the epigenetic markers on muscle DNA – this has never been done before in steroid users and will enhance our knowledge on how steroids cause muscle growth in humans (i.e. what anabolic pathways are being upregulated at the gene expression level and what regions of DNA are being opened for expression once the androgen receptor binds to the DNA).

    All participants in this research will remain anonymous. Participants will be required to have a resting muscle biopsy of the trapezius muscle, in addition to the collection of blood, urine and saliva. Participants will also have their muscle mass and body fat percentages measured with a BodPod, a research grade bioimpedance scale and research grade skin fold calipers. At the end of this research participants would receive all data collected (images of their Type 1 & Type 2 muscle fibers, nuclei content of their fibers etc).

    Sampling will take place in the University of Brighton, Eastbourne Campus in England (BN20 7SN) and all travel expenses will be covered if participants are travelling from within the United Kingdom or Europe (this includes petrol mileage/trains/flights & 1 night’s accommodation if required).

    Next Sampling Dates: Saturday 26th & Sunday 27th October 2019. Participants can visit on any day for ~3/4 hours between 9am-3pm.

    If interested please email Alex Kolliari-Turner on A.Kolliari-Turner@brighton.ac.uk for further details.

    You can find out more information about our research by listening to the Advices Radio Muscle Minds Podcast Ep71 with Dr Scott Stevenson or The Stronger by Science Podcast Ep20, both are available on all podcasting apps and YouTube.

    Please email me if you have further questions as I may not see the notification if you comment on this post.

    Please see the advertisement for further details.

    My IG also contains an informative post on this topic: alex_k_t

    Thank you for your time,


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    Nice pic
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  3. Porky

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    Last chance to get involved

    It's like we're being offered the deal of a lifetime
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  4. IrnBru

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    Is there any free protein shakers given out? If not then that could be a deal breaker.
  5. tomlet1

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    I want £10,000 or no deal
  6. BustaNutt

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    I’ll do it if you can supply me with all the anabolic steroids! Fed up with having stupid regular-sized testicles anyway...
  7. GhostOf2Can

    GhostOf2Can Top Contributor

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    “Most of the men involved in the study were members of TM bodybuilding forum”

    “In conclusion anabolic steroids clearly do not work, many of these men had been on AAS many years and have no more noticeable muscle mass then an average untrained man in the street”
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  8. flash

    flash Top Contributor

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    “Apart from one subject who broke the mould by using less than everyone but trained Solo At Norton’s”
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  9. huntingground

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  10. flash

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    Is this the Tren section?

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  11. Reacher

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    20 - 40
    ageist cunts
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  12. noel

    noel Moderator

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    who is funding the study and research? can you kindly disclose... its this direct university funded or any third or outside parties involved. In the spirit of full disclouse and not being misleading can you kindly let us know