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    Busy with work and family stuff and after the weekends exploits was very close to not training last night - decided to do something a bit different

    OH Squats

    22.5kg - 5 reps
    27.7kg - 5 reps
    32.5kg - 3 reps

    Balance went at the end but very good on the core as done without a belt.

    Power Cleans

    42.5kg - 2 reps
    52.5kg - 2 reps
    57.5kg - 2 reps
    62.5kg - 2 reps
    67.5kg - 1 rep

    Push Press

    40kg - 2 reps
    50kg - 2 reps
    60kg - 2 reps
    65kg - 2 reps
    70kg - F
    67.5kg - 2 reps


    60kg - 2 reps
    70kg - 2 reps
    80kg - 2 reps
    90kg - 2 reps
    100kg - 2 reps
    110kg - 2 reps
    120 f

    Shocking deadlift strength - never been strong on deadlift really so something to work on over the winter - best single is 140kg so aim over by the end of winter is to do a double with 150kg min.

    Diet has been good and I have completed lunchtime walks - mon/tues/weds just need to get my kb on the move.
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    Trained Thursday night

    Squats - 60kg - to failure lost count at about 30 reps

    Cable Row 50kg /Incline DB 20kg - 3 sets to failure

    Death by Deadlift 60kg - got up to 10 + 8 reps

    The weekends are killing me atm.

    Friday I had a day off with the mrs to get the kids Christmas presents and clothes, had a Chinese buffet for lunch. Saturday I ended up not eating till about 6.30pm as I was painting the kitchen - Sunday still painting the kitchen - had two meals - cheese on toast and sausages/egg/beans/tom/toast for my tea.

    Drank Thurs/Fri/Sat/Sun!

    Next time I do one of these transformation things I need to do it with DIY/Parties/Kids!

    Not going to get much done this week either as I am flat out in work and will be working at home too.
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    Have to remember to try this death by deadlift in near future! Keep at it DC
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    Give them a go - highly recommended - hard work tbh but very good for work capacity and getting the lungs working.
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    I should be flying but motivation is at a very low level - I have made progress no doubt but work and family commitments are sapping me atm.

    Have'nt trained for a week and the diet has been mixed at best. Did not fancy it last night but got in the garage gym and just did multiple sets of bench press trying to find the sweet spot for actually working my chest.

    Plan now is to just get in there and do something nothing more.

    All a bit poo at the moment.
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    Decided to bring this to an end.

    Have dropped one and a half stone (21ibs) and 4 inches off the waist as part of this so reasonably content - will post pictures up at the end but still not very lean which tells me I was a fat c8nt

    The idea is now to build some strength over the winter without putting the chub back on. Not really bothered about single but strength in the 3 - 8 rep range. Some muscle would be nice too.

    All in all I would give myself a 6 out of 10 for this.

    A few things I have learnt on the way:-

    1. Very low carb is good to get things going.
    2. Not that much cardio is needed but some definitely is.
    3. Too much fannying about - need to put more graft in.
    4. Biting off more than I can chew with training, work, kids, diy.
    5. Consistency and calories are the key.
    6. Weekends can be a killer.

    Going to start a new journal as I like them when I get my head around new routine.
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    Will look forward to the new routine and journal mate have been silently reading and following. I'm following wendlers 531 might be worth looking into simple to follow programme and can train 2 - 4 days a week with it so perfect if time is at a premium