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    mate sent me this, and intrestingly enough it says i have “mild” depression

    Scored 6 on the test.. stuff like feeling tired and sleeping alot or loosing intresnt in tv or book ive always been like this

    Ive never thought im depressed like :think: recon this test is any good or pretty cutter cooker?

    What do use score on it?

    Inb4 whole forum is full marks
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    Feeling tired and sleeping a lot in your case has a lot to do with your social life IMO.

    These questions are a load of bollocks I scored 1.

    Depression is a funny one to diagnose and to cope with imo, I know a few who suffer and one lad reads like fk and gets fully taken in / consumed by what he's reading to the point its like OCD. Then you get the ones who feel the entire world are against them - that's the sort that just bring everyone down around them. Avoid.
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    Mild depression apparently

    But I think that’s due to me saying I’ve no energy and usually feel very tired

    But I’ve been doing 70hr weeks and 8hrs in the gym a week the last month

    Test is too vague. Probably give u an idea if you just exercise and work similar to a “normal” person but outside that it doesn’t distinguish
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    I have been depressed in the past though when much much younger and those symptoms do fit in

    Used to sleep 16 hrs a day and still always be tired. Wouldn’t eat at all and used to be ill all the time run down due to stress etc

    Fucking horrible way to be. Glad it lifted as I got older
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    But of a ramble on it mate but it’s a subject I know a little about so...

    Thing is.... Depression shares a lot of symptoms with a lot of other things and a lot of other things can cause you to feel depressed. Vitamin deficiencies for example or poor nutrition, too much drug use etc. The deficiencies can be identified via bloods, ask your doc. It’s free.

    The main culprits in men are usually iron, d3, b12, folic acid, magnesium, zinc.... Get some bottled fish oil and take two
    Big spoons twice a day.

    Take them all daily. They’re all cheap as fuck and all big contributors to people feeling like shite.

    Then there’s drugs use.... If you’re using reccies, steroids, drinking booze and eating shit then you’re gonna feel a bit meh as your body is in a permanent state of stress, everything comes at a price.

    With reccies and food we get the temporary pleasure and then you have to pay the piper. Not saying that’s you but it’s another factor in the last.

    None of that is depression though, it’s the result of us not treating our bodies with love and respect. There’s an irony in all this that in the process of trying to improve our bodies aesthetic we’ll also hammer it with an all manner of drugs and fuck it up, it is what it is.

    If you feel shit after a session or holiday that’s fairly normal as well.

    A good measure of depression is look back on the last few weeks or months. If you haven’t felt happiness or emotion over that time and you’ve just constantly felt like shit, there’s a good chance you’re depressed.

    I used to sit up all night at my worst because if I went to bed and slept it meant I had to wake up and go though another day and I couldn’t face it so in my head I was just delaying it by staying up. Then every morning id wake up and sit on the end of bed and ask myself was it even worth getting up and say today was the day I’d top myself, then I’d swallow my daily handful if drugs and get on with it. End of the day I’d tell myself fuck it, one more day. That went on for about two years, it was fucking horrible.

    Weird logic, sounds ridiculous but that’s the effects of long term depression.

    Other people’s version might be different, If you’ve been having good days and bad days though that’s fairly normal for anyone and it’s not likely depression.

    Truth be told mate I think a lot of people believe they’re depressed but it’s mostly just people being unhappy with their lives and making no effort to change it, or they hide behind drugs and booze and just coast but deep down we know we’re doing that and it bothers us.

    That ain’t depression, it’s just laziness and escapism. Again, just an observation of modern times and not saying it’s you.

    If you don’t work towards something with a purpose though, if you don’t move daily towards something that you find value in, you’re gonna feel like your life lacks meaning... That’s gonna lead to malaise and eventually that can bring you down.

    It’s you job to find out what your actual goal in life is, find out what you really want and to get the fuck on with working towards it. It’ll kick in over the next few years for you mate and you’ll know exactly what I mean by this if you don’t already.

    Find whatever it is and do it you won’t have time to feel depressed, or even be depressed. You’ll be on the road to wherever it is you wanna go and that’ll be all you need to get through the day.

    It’s all just killing time anyway but give yourself too much of it and it’s dangerous.

    Thanks for coming to my ted talk chaps.
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    I scored 11. Just off to buy some rope
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    Yer was hoping ud chime in, good post la and i agree ive never thort i was depressed just normal, sumtimes cba sumtimes loving life just one of them innit. The mistake people make is it tryna be happy all the time.. thats never gunna appen is it not in a million years so no point striving for it..

    Just being bored can make you have “depressed” symptoms but ya not depressed ya bored rnt ya.. same as u say with a mad night out etc etc...

    what you describe sounds horrific tbh, glad ur mended now or at least on the mend seem alot better anyway! Inb4 ur back on tm again so the depression will come back.. dat self sabotating internet forum no one gets out alive

    Bu yer alot of my “depression” is boredem if am bored al sleep.. most the time anyway, plus gym and physical job being fucked off tha dosent make u depressed does it?

    Nice list of vits brah will get on ebay now n ave a go do u just take reccomendes dose on bottle?

    Would it be worth gettin a test first u recon? Or will they benift me either way
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    Cunts shoulda listened to me ages ago when I bought all my vits.

    Now look at you lot...sad, lonely, tired and fucking depressed while am cutting about throwing shapes errr day loving life
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    Onda lemo every weekend smashing tren and still happy as fuck:rofl::rofl:

    Said no one ever
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    My tren time hasn't arrived yet...cannot wait for it though. Dat inner demon will come out
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    Secret tinder profile soon cum
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    Me mates bird dumped him about 18-24 months ago (can’t remember exactly now) and the sad cunt was all depressed about it crying and saying he’ll never get another bird blah blah blah

    Obviously I was worried about him and he used to talk about killing himself and stuff like that so I’d always check in on him, make an effort to go out on lash with him etc

    Well turns out he was right he still ain’t got a bird, in fact he’s only had one jump since the split and she was honking

    Texts me now saying he’s having suicidal thoughts and I just tell him now I don’t blame ya get on with it, leave me ya house in the will

    He ain’t done it yet, still clinging on for some reason
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    I remmber u talking aba him, is he still bad ye? Is e a ugly fucker? No excuse for being single and one bang in 2 years ffs hahaha
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    mild for me
    and I would say it's about right in terms of I have mild depressed feels... however taking steroids a drink most nights, shit sleep because of steroids pain and shift pattern insomnia and other life stuff is going to give a depressed outlook ( mild )
    but it's not really depression is it its lifestyle and being a bit of a tit not looking after myself better really.

    started to read @BigChap92 post but I'll come back to it later and read properly and take it in when I've a bit more time, sounded really interesting from a bit of a skim read..
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    Didnt ave u down as a everynight drinker, dunno why haha

    Ey eres me blaming ale for no gainz i must just be a pn for life, fuckin loads of u cunts drink n make gainz