Did You Know Its A Common Myth That Consuming Lots Of Extra Protein Gives People Bigger Muscle

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    I’ve personally found I can maintain on very little protein (200g’ish and I’m always around 19-20 stone

    Too build new muscle though I found the more I ate (up to 400g a day) the bigger I got

    That’s just personal to me. Dunno about anyone else
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    Olympic weightlifters aren’t training for hypertrophy though are they

    Most of them are weight class restricted, hence the need to keep muscle gain to a minimum. And the supers are usually naturally very large men with huge BW’s but never are they overly muscular

    Flexibility, mobility which are extremely important for the sport are impeded by overly muscular frames

    Not really a relevant subject group imo
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    James posted on ukm ...supercell.
    Heres his diet for the british from his log, he might have a small amount of protein now, and say hes on a mil of sus a week atm on a challenge hes currently doing, truth is most big bodybuilders ate huge amounts of protein and took shed loads of everything to get there..

    After saying that I wouldn't be doing a pre contest thread for the British I felt like I'd short changed a few of you, so in its place I thought I'd give a different perspective on competition training by running an off season strength and mass journal.

    As many of you know from reading my Arnold thread, I am giving the British my 'heart and soul' this year and know that this year is a good a year as any to realise my dream of winning the light heavies. There will as always be some incredible competition out there and that's why I made the decision to 'opt' out of the pre comp thread thing later this year.

    As many of you are well aware my off season is normally very 'unstructured' but as you (or most of you are aware) I always said that 2008 was going to be a very different animal for me.

    The journal will really be a log of all my training sessions to give you a little insight into what goes into a well structured off season strength and mass cycle. I will post my diet along with my training split and then after each sesssion I will post up weights, sets, reps and exercises used as well as training time spent lifting.

    I have pretty much had 2 weeks off training (well training properly) due to being in the U.S and also falling foul to a flu bug/man flu thing this last week.

    Today was my first session back and Matt was there fired up too, ready to start the programme which I believe will last around 12-16 weeks.

    I have eaten well since returning from the States and have eaten clean but eaten a fair bit. My weight is now around 14st 7lbs when i wake which is about the heaviest I have ever been. I would like to slowly reach around 15st but no more, this will be around 7lbs more than I have ever held before. The plan will be to stick at around the 14st 7 mark for the next few weeks whilst my body once again gets used to the weight and whilst I shake off this cough I have from the man flu.

    I will then slowly hope to creep up to around 15st whilst maintaining a good level of conditioning.

    So what is the plan with cardio in this off season phase? Well my plan is to do around 20 mins 5x a week mon-fri with the weekends off. It will be fairly high intensity cardio but brief, just really enough to keep my appetite up and my metabolism healthy.

    My training split is basically training each bodypart every 9 days so giving me plenty of time to rest and recover from the heavy lifting.

    The split will be as follows

    Day 1 mon train-shoulders/calfs

    Day 2 tues off

    Day 3 weds train-quads/hams

    Day 4 thurs off

    Day 5 fri train-chest/tri's

    Day 6 sat off

    Day 7 sun off

    Day 8 mon train-back/bi's

    Day 9 tues off

    Day 10 wed repeat day 1

    So we will just be training mon, weds and fri each week with weekends off.

    For large body parts we will be doing around 3/4 exercises for around 3-4 sets which will include 2 warm ups then 1-2 sets to failure.

    Reps will range from 4-10 typically.

    Small muscle groups will be 2/3 exercises of 3 sets which will have 2 warm ups then 1 set to failure.

    Rest time between sets will be anywhere from 2-5 mins depending on how much back slapping and psyching up takes place :-))

    With my diet I am not being as strict with weighing my food. I will still be keeping an eye on weights but rather by the packaging rather than scales. The only foods I will weigh will be my oats, protein powders and WMS.

    TBH I have a fairly good idea what a certain weight looks like now after weighing for nearly 12 months solidly. What I dont want to be at THIS stage is a slave to the weighing scales, this I will leave for the pre contest period as this is when I am religious about it.

    I want my off season to be enjoyable and less stressful that my pre contest phase and this is one way I can minimise this and keep my body and mind healthy.

    I will also go by how my body feels. If I feel full and not hungry then I will reduce portion size, if I feel hungry then I will increase if necessary. What i will do though is eat every 2.5 hours from the moment I get up to the moment I go to bed.

    My supplements will as always come from Myprotein.co.uk and will include:-

    MP Max meal replacements

    MP max flapjacks

    Acetyl L Carnitine

    Beta Alanine

    L Glutamine

    Impact Whey

    Total Protein

    Vitamin B Super Complex

    Daily Vitamins


    Vitamin C

    Caffiene Pro



    My rough daily diet will be as follows and is pretty much what I have been eating since returning from the U.S

    On waking 10g glutamine, 200mgs caffiene

    Cardio 20 mins (only Mon-Fri)

    Meal 1 7am 55g Impact whey, 60g WMS, 3g Beta alanine, 2g acetyl L carnitine, Vitamins and minerals

    Meal 2 8am 50g Oats, 30g Total protein, 20g peanut butter, handful raisins.

    Train 9.30am (Only Mon, Wed, Fri)

    Meal 3 11am 55g Impact whey, 60g WMS, 5g creatine, 10g glutamine, 1000mgs Vitamin C

    Meal 4 1pm 100g rice, 200g chicken, 10g olive oil, 1 samll pot natural yoghurt

    Meal 5 3.30pm 1 MP Max meal replacement, 1 MP max flapjack

    Meal 6 5.30pm 100g rice, 200g chicken, 10g olive oil, 1 apple

    Meal 7 7.30pm 300g Oven chips, 200g steak, selection of roasted veggies

    Meal 8 80g oats, 65g Total protein, 20g peanut butter

    On retiring 10g glutamine, ZMA formula

    Protein = 375

    Carbs = 450

    Fats = 100
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    Sandoe ain’t pushing nothing is he. I’m listening to what he said on a podcast. Ain’t no way I’m gonna drop my protein levels just in case it is needed. Study or no study

    Carbs and fats aren’t giving me the aminos to build tissue
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    Yea I was in and out of that journal a bit back in the day

    I’ve trained with James in Cardiff he’s a great guy. Looked after me when I had personal issues.

    I’ve seen what he’s doing now in regards the challenge.

    Also I believe that’s to get down in weight after he went with JP he then stuck to 1lb protien but I’m not saying when he has down this previous

    It’s again like I heard on another podcast in regards to gh...

    Does it really do that much? Does it really build tissue and keep you lean, maybe, probably but most people will use it as every other fucker is and it’s that fear of missing out on something that people get hooked on

    For me I have a 1.5 breast chicken per meal if it’s solid

    Or if it’s beef mince I’ll cook up 150/175g of lean beef

    2 scoops of whey if needed

    Simple as fuck
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    Ii feel I grow best on over 300g protein. I have 330 from direct sources atm and 396 including from oats, nuts etc.
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    Im same..150 beef mince is all i can handle in one go, but its plenty and with some whey on top..its around 60g all in?
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    Easily 60g dude
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    300 is a good amount..and you feel and see the diff from say 200g, all the effort and time n money ypu put in, having an extra 100g a day is worth the extra cost.
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    How much protein are you eating. As currently it’s not enough I’d focus on that first before playing educator
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    Steven Hawkins Jaw has had more of a workout than @Fatbrah 's Legs hahahaha
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    Hahahaha :rofl:
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    All fair if you’re a normal sized average male inside of research parameters right?
    But enhanced and 250-300lbs of pure hatred really does need more protein I’m sorry but the way the body reacts to the amount of igf1 in damaged muscle tissue with added testosterone/GH etc etc is deffo not what they were researching was it.
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    i'm sure most people overeat protein WHO DONT USE PEDS. as soon as you add peds in the mix, it completely throws any study you have out the window. that's all peds do.. they increase protein synthasis, nothing more. more peds you take, the more it increases. if you aren't eating enough protein to make use of this, you're as well using a lower dose
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    I’d rather overeat protein than under-eat. And if my body uses some of it for energy - cool! What’s the problem??