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    May as well join in, lol.

    Worked with Neil for about 2yrs before entering my procrastination stage (I'm still in it) and my results were superb.

    He has a knack of estimating current numbers you're capable of in sessions etc as long as you are honest about what you can lift currently.

    I relied on wraps for squatting, Neil ensured I focused on getting my numbers up by being raw and eventually I surpassed my squat with wraps, but raw.

    He's a fantastic listener, always comes back to you, never a "stupid question" will not be answered.

    Thumbs up from me :)

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    Great CV. Best of luck with it mate

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  3. Merat

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    Might be interested enlisting your help mate after gpc worlds, may have a crack at multi ply again next yr lol, so will have to change things up a bit training split wise.
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    Good to see this up mate. Best of luck.
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    just clicked this link and had a read through..

    joined up a year ago.. and would say its the best thing i ever done training wise and am sure many can say the same. nice one @Dig

    if your thinkin about it, wud 100% go for it, will take you out comfort zone for sure
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    I echo what has been said. @Dig knows his stuff and gets the best out of you. Always on hand to help/advise as well.

    Seems to have a canny knack of getting targets spot on as well.
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    I've only been with Dig 2 weeks but even at this point I can concur with what the others have said.
    Taking me out my comfort zone
    Got me doing exercises I need to do as opposed to those I'm good at or just like to do.
    Targets seem pretty spot on.

    Yep, I can see this being a long term thing [emoji106]
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