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Dnp - 25 Day Cycle

Discussion in 'Other PED's and POM's' started by Joeanabol, Jun 28, 2019.

  1. Joeanabol


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    Hey guys,

    So, I'm new to this (not DNP... Thread posting). I literally only joined this forum so that I could start this open and honest thread about my next 25 days using DNP. I created this to maybe give people a little insight into DNP's effectiveness and not to condone the use of it at all. Also guys, please, this thread isn't for criticism on any of my methods, I understand there are lots of conflicting opinions regarding this drug, and I've seen them all. I'm open to questions, but be kind :)

    Height - 6ft2
    Starting Weight - 108.9kg
    Estimated body fat - 20-25%?? Maybe... Not really sure.

    I've used DNP twice in the past, and both times I ended up dosing too high at my planned midpoint and the sides were too much so had to back off and stopped immediately. It was effective both times, but not as effective as I'd hoped, after having to cease usage.

    I've been dieting for approximately 6 weeks now and I'm already 7kg down from 116kg. My goal weight is about 100kg after finishing this cycle, which I think is relatively realistic.

    Current cycle
    500sust/400trenE/400mastE per week.
    140mcg Clen per day, 2 weeks on/2 weeks off (been using for 8 days now).

    Planned DNP cycle
    Days 1-3: 200mg
    Days 3-25: 400mg
    Of course, this all depends on sides, and could alter somewhat (won't increase, will only decrease)

    I'll be following a relatively structured diet, as I always do, and won't differ from it too much. I'll be aiming for approx 2000 calories per day, medium carbs on training days (all in the Peri-workout zone), and no carbs on rest days. This works for me without the DNP, so I'll be keeping this consistent throughout.

    Okay, so this is the part that sucks. For those of you who know, working out on DNP is horrific. You feel pretty useless and all your previous numbers go out the window, whether you like it or not (the perks of having no ability to use ATP). However, I won't be changing my training style, which is a typical Push/Pull/Legs split, adopting progressive overload and low volume. We'll just have to see how things change over the course of the cycle.

    Again, cardio on DNP sucks. Currently I've been doing 20 mins cross-trainer post workout on training days, and 1 hour cross-trainer on non-training days. This has been mega helpful in improving my cardio, which I think is very important when using Tren. I'm going to aim to keep this cardio routine up, as it will greatly help the fat loss, but the lethargy may get a bit much and start to hinder energy levels.

    Other general shit
    My job is kinda high demand, I am constantly on my feet moving around for 12 hours, and I work in a hot country (Spain), fortunately, I work on nights, allowing me to keep a little cooler throughout the shift. I'm expecting the DNP to impact my workload, but this will be priority over everything so I'll keep the efforts up.

    I aim to post every day keeping you all updated on how I feel, weight, etc.

    Stay tuned and let's watch how this unfolds.

    Any questions are more than welcome and I'll answer with true honesty and transparency, but any weird criticism or attempts at belittling my knowledge will likely go unanswered.

    Sweeeeet. See ya tomorrow :lift:
  2. Getbig25

    Getbig25 Top Contributor

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    Why 25 days? That’s a long time on DNP!

    I’d personally do 2 weeks max, come off for a few weeks then go again.

    But will follow along
  3. Joeanabol


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    Tbh, I'm doing it this way as it's a method I haven't tried before.

    If I feel absolutely caned and bolloxed off of it a couple weeks in I'll have a rest then continue.

    I have a goal in a month's time, though, so I figured I'd dig deep and give it all for 25 days and report my findings.

    Thanks for the feedback bro, we'll see how it goes
  4. actin

    actin Balls of Stallion Full Member

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    theres no way you will last 25 days at 400mg unless the caps are underdosed asf? 21lbs of fat can easily be shed when the water drops after 21days @ 200mg
  5. Joeanabol


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    I initially had this same thought process, dude, but I remembered back to a cycle where I ran 600 for quite an extended period of time and only had to cycle off when pushing 800 (don't ask why, very uneducated decision).

    I'm obviously not entirely certain of dose accuracies of this stuff I have, as I don't believe you ever can be unless weighing up yourself, but I know him to be as reliable of a source as you can get. I'm sure it's dosed correctly, maybe I'm just not too sensitive to DNP.

    I'll keep you in the loop as to how it feels. Won't be pushing for 400mg for another 2 days anyway, so I have some time before that to get a feel for the 200mg and gauge.
  6. Reacher

    Reacher Top Contributor

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    taking bets on this thread still running after 14 days...
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  7. G-G

    G-G Ex Competitor

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    Serious question, why start at 200 for only 2 days?

    200 every 18 hours is a decent run.

    Do you go down the route off additional supps when running dnp or not?
  8. Sjundea

    Sjundea Top Contributor

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    I'll raise you and say no updates or further posts from Wednesday and no before or after pics ever posted.
    Who the fuck would run dnp now when mainland Europe is about to go thru a huge heat wave.
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  9. Porky

    Porky Committee brofessor Top Contributor

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    20-25%bf, been dieting and doing cardio for 6 weeks and lost 7kg.
    Wow wee.
    Id adjust diet before adding in dnp, esp at 400mg a day. Overkill imo
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  10. s man

    s man Full Member

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    It's that I've got my meds and I want to use them nowwwwwww. Never used DNP and likely never will as I am a sweaty mess at the best of times and strangely just start a diet with enough time to get to where I want to. If I don't make it who cares unless you're behind before getting on stage at pro level and money is involved.
  11. Guest82

    Guest82 Guest

    OP Spain is to be in the mid 40s degrees. Do your future self a favour and stop this suicide mission
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  12. Joeanabol


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    I seriously appreciate you guy's concerns.

    However, I haven't just plucked these numbers out of thin air, this will be my 4th time running DNP now and I'm fully aware of what my body is capable of, even in a European heatwave.

    Not trying to discredit any of your sensible and logical advice, but I do know my limits.

    I guess if I get to one or two days into 400mg and its really unbearable I will put my hands up and credit each of you for your sound advice, but until then I'll run off my own experience.

    I hope I don't sound cocky to any of you, not my intention.

    Also, in regards to extra supplementation, I run the following -

    Supplement needs heart stack, kidney and blood pressure stack, brain stack
    Vitamin E
    Vitamin C

    Anything else you've found helpful when taking DNP that I haven't included?
  13. Joeanabol


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    My reason for running the lower dose to begin with is due to that every batch I get, I'd like to assess my tolerance to the capsules. As someone else mentioned, doses can be over/under so would like to get a feel, and would only up to 400mg after I begin to feel sides on day 2/3.
  14. Getbig25

    Getbig25 Top Contributor

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    Run a fuck of electrolytes every day and drink a fuck ton of water is my serious advice if ur going ahead.

    What brand is the DNP?
  15. Scudd33

    Scudd33 Top Contributor

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    This stuff anialated me in the summer.
    Best of luck bud,I’m not a fan.