Dropping From High Volume To Very Low Volume

Discussion in 'Training Psychology' started by JANIKvonD, Jul 28, 2016.

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    im having trouble dropping from my usual (usual as in all my training history!) high volume approach, to a very low volume plan.. & I haven't even done 1 session of new plan yet! :lol:

    the new program looks like..

    low incline smith
    1 work set x 11-15
    60sec peck stretch
    up rite EZ row
    1 work set x 11-15
    60sec delt stretch
    dead stop EZ skulls
    1work set x 20+
    60sec tricep stretch

    EZ bicep curls
    1work set x 11-15
    DB hammer curls
    1work set x 11-15
    60sec bicep stretch
    meadows row
    1 work set x 11-15
    wide grip chins
    1 work set x failure
    60sec lat stretch

    calf press
    1work set x 11-15
    laying ham curls
    1work set x 11-15
    60sec hamstring stretch
    2 work sets. 1x 8-12. 1x 20

    it'll be a notebook job aiming to improve weight/reps on every exercise each session
    +40min steady state cardio PWO each session (6x a week)

    my previous split was
    -chest & delts (20sets'ish)
    -back & traps (25sets'ish)
    -arms (18sets ish)
    -legs (30sets'ish)
    rotated as frequent as possible, usually in 6x a week

    this too extreme a drop? I got the program from a very knowledgeable guy when I worked with him.. dropped from the mega volume to the very low volume while cruising. I just cant get my head to agree :lol:

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    For me I have never done mega high volume tbh.... I prefer lowish and push the intensity hard.

    For me if you know you can each working set as hard as possibel then you should feel fucked when you leave the place.... If you cant hit it that hard then dont bother and up the volume!

    Just my tuppence mate
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    yeah I see Dallas Mccarver using a similar low volume approach during his current prep.. 1 all out work set for each exercise, but he's doing more than 1 exercise per muscle group! + he's pulling like 400kg :lol: fuck am I supposed to hold size wile doing 6x wide grip chins @bodyweight :lol:
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    I would put biceps after back.
    I would also do more volume in the form of more exercises.
    3-6 exercises per body part, 1 all out working set for each.

    The only reason I see you making short term gains from this outlined plan is because you may be over reached from the high volume training.
    Thus the huge drop in work load should facilitate some new growth.
    But if you're looking to use a plan like this for a while and get results out of it for other reasons than undoing the over work you did before....I would up the exercises.

    OR!!!! Do workouts 1 and 2 together on day 1 then do legs with slightly higher volume on day 2 day 3 rest then get back to day 1 with different exercises on day 4.
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    You got one set for chest, one set for shoulders etc.

    No fucking way I'd drop gear doseage to a cruise, drop calories as your cutting and then drop training volume to that and expect it to maintain my muscle mass whilst losing BF on one set per Bodypart

    I think it's ridiculous if I'm being honest
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    i like both high and low volume.

    but that would be too low for me personally.

    if going lower volume what id do/have done

    all work sets to failure

    Inc BB/DB 2 warm up, 1 work set
    flat flyes 1 warm up, 1 work set
    Seated DB Shoulder press 1 warm up, 1 work set
    laterals 1 work set/drop set
    dips 1 work set
    pushdown 1 work set

    BB row 2 warm up, 1 work set
    chins 1 warm up, 1 work set
    close pulldown 1 warm up, 1 work set
    deads 2 warm up, 1 work set
    BB curl 1 work set
    conc curl 1 workset/drop set

    hacks 2 warm up, 1 workset
    leg ext 1 warm, 1 work set
    ham curl 1 warm, 1 work set
    leg press 1 warm, 1 work/drop set

    also the 'warm ups' arent neccesarily to warm you up, but more to get into the groove of the excersise/ gauge strength.

    id implement alot of rest pause/negs etc on the work set to failure.
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    good, it's not just in my head then :lol: im just gonna do what I done last cut. put my efforts into holding a diet down for more than 5 days lol, that'll likely bring better results than fuckign about with alien training programs