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Dunning Labs

Discussion in 'Anabolic Steroids & Prohormones' started by humanoid, Dec 29, 2020.

  1. humanoid


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    Hey all, having massive problems with this lab this gears crashed, I’m warming it to get my shots off but my blood work is showing my test level is 12 (ref range 6-24).

    Ive had great gear off them recently and I know no one is perfect but their attitude is mental. They just don’t wanna know accusing me of being a freeloader after gear for nothing.

    I rarely post on these issues, I’m guessing there’s a global shortage of quality raws due to covid atm. I changed to this lab after my previous lab vanished. Like I said the gear upto now was spot on gutted to get mugged off like this.

    I’ve had issues with labs in the past and people who are legit sort it out - this lot are not interested, it was like trying to reason with a Pitbull on coke, tren and acid.

    Either I’m an asshole as suggested or these clowns are on the slide in a massive way. No sources yada yada but if someone could tell me who I’ve gotta wrestle to get some real gear atm I’d much appreciate it.

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  2. Sjundea

    Sjundea Top Contributor

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    You sure any of your gears been real? Looking in your mirror I'd question if everything else is in order before the gear.
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  3. Mark1234

    Mark1234 Full Member

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    If you are not happy with it, mate - just move on and buy a different labs gear. Personally don’t see the point in getting into an argument with lab owners/sources etc, unless you placed a massive order and are severely out of pocket.

    Just write it off, and move onto something else IMO.

    Just to clarify, I have never used Dunning so no real opinion about them from me. Certainly in the past them seemed to be popular so could be a one off.
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  4. Proteinbrah

    Proteinbrah Top Contributor

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    As above, if you think the gears shit then what good is it if they send you more shit lol

    It really ain’t hard to find good gear now, can’t give out exact sources but go on eroids and go for one of the top 5 sources

    You’ll pay a bit more probably, but at least you know it’ll be decent
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  5. godsgifttoearth

    godsgifttoearth Full Member

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    What is it? Thats an awful lot of crystal for something that you're also saying is underdosed, unless you're not getting it all back in solution before pinning?
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  6. Nara


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    What's the issue? Just use your hair dryer on it to warm it up. My Triumph tren e used to always crash back in the days. Just heat it up and you're good to go...
  7. Gymshark

    Gymshark Full Member

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    I always fill a egg cup with boiling water and stick vial in before injecting, makes the injection easier and dissolves any crystals.
    And I've always found Dunning gear to be decent quality?
  8. Raisin

    Raisin Top Contributor

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    Put it on the radiator and shake it regularly the crystals will go. Finish the vial and buy a different brand if youre not feeling the Dunning stuff
  9. Leej


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    Try boiling a saucepan of medium boil water.. fill till same level as the oil in the vial give it two mins..lovely
    Did you try and get back in touch with dunning's?.
    I have just got some Sus and npp off them..
    They were nice to deal with, just hope they aren't going to be crap to deal with if you have a problem I was going to use them as my lab this year if the gear I have got is any good....let me know if they resolved it with you ..
  10. beefcake1252

    beefcake1252 Full Member

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    I thought I had some crappy test prop few weeks ago. I moved onto test ethnante from different lab. Can definitely feel the difference now.

    Don't think labs intentionality want to underdose it or just put grapeseed oil in. Most likely it's the powder supplier.
  11. Leej


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    I have been using npp and Sus last 2 weeks haven't felt good with it. Took 2ml of test prop yesterday from diff lab and feel good today training was better, feel and look a bit fuller...