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Essential Oils

Discussion in 'Supplements' started by Max, Dec 9, 2018.

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    Can’t rate these enough.

    I’m using the following blends for the following purposes. They are incredibly effective for mood enhancement / recovery / blood flow / hair growth.

    % solutions have to be made carefully as too high concentrations can cause complications / intolerances and skin irritations.

    1/2% every day use
    3/5% strong aromatherapy
    7/10% medicinal use

    32 drops = 1 ml
    So 9 ml carrier oil (I use coconut or sweet almond to 32 drops of requored)

    Hair growth:
    Lavender 4 drops
    Rosemary 8 drops
    Cedar wood 2 drops
    Tea tree 1 drop
    Peppermint 1 drop
    Mix in 5ml carrier

    Split half morning and night.

    Read a study recently that showed rosemary over 6 months was more effective that 2% midoxinil. Impressive to say the least. The rest have also been shown to encourage hair growth in lots of ways, certainly helping me after 6 months for sure. I’ve came off midoxinil also.

    Blood flow and recovery:
    Clove 8
    Juniper 8
    Black pepper 8
    Cinnamon 8
    Turmeric 8
    Mix with 14ml

    Excellent for pre workout helps blood flow and veins come out incredible, this is solely cinnamon and black pepper I’ve found. The other ingredients are for inflammation and recovery. This applied topically to muscles trained helps aches and pains amazingly. Also my massive bruise from surgery was gone within a week using this.

    Mood enhancement to wake up:
    morning - wrists/ feet -7.5g carrier - 2.5%

    Rosemary 1
    Bergamot 1
    eucalyptus 1

    Filling excellent for panic attacks.
    Day calming 2g wrists - 7.5g carrier - 3%

    Ravensara 1
    bergamot 1
    ylang ylang 1

    This also makes excellent beard balm.
    Night sleeping - chest - 7.5 carrier - 4%

    Frankincense 1
    lavender 1
    sandalwood 1

    For migraines and general headaches it’s aweosme.
    headaches - temples - 7.5g Carrier - 2%

    Peppermint 2
    Eucalyptus 2

    Adrenal fatigue - am/ mid day:

    Feet soles 7.5g Carrier - 4%

    Thyme 1
    rosemary 1 feet
    Cinnamon 1
    nutmeg bark 1 feet

    Jaw 7.5g Carrier - 2%
    Lime 1
    Clove 1 jaw

    Adrenal fatigue -Pm:

    7.5g Carrier - Mid back - 2%
    Galbanum 1
    Manuka 1 - kidneys

    chest neat -
    Levander 1

    For women the following really helps lads if they won’t shut up moaning... rubbed on the stomach:

    Sleep pms 7.5g Carrier - 5%
    Mellisa 2
    Neroli 2
    Lavender 2
    Chamomile 2
    Clary sage 2

    This is excellent for studying in particular.
    Focus/ mental clarity: 7.5g carrier - 2%
    Helichrysum 1
    bergamot 1 - temples / neck
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