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Feet Swelling

Discussion in 'Injuries, Health & Personal Care' started by 1mike land, Jun 29, 2019.

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    U ok brah?

    Dnt take life too serious, no one gets out alive
  2. BigChap92

    BigChap92 Top Contributor

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    Specially if they take medical advice from the fellas on TM.
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  3. Guest

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    Bro, when have we all got together and been rong

    15 tm experts >>> one qualified doc whos done 10 years in uni

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  4. TBLifter

    TBLifter Top Contributor

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    OP buy a bp monitor and check your self weekly/daily will at least keep you honest to yourself about the benefits of what your doing. If things are off the clock regular basis you need to change something
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