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First Cycle, Sust Only - Advice Please

Discussion in 'Anabolic Steroids & Prohormones' started by AndyP75, Nov 21, 2019.

  1. AndyP75


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    I ran an Avavar only cycle earlier in the year with some degree of success.

    I’m now planning on doing a 10 week sust cycle.

    I’m 43, fit, been training consistently for 4 years, diet is good.

    I was going to front load with dbol but decided against this.

    I have Nolva on hand for pct.

    I was looking at taking sust 250 twice a week.

    do I need an AI running along side or just I just go with the sust only.

  2. pooley1810

    pooley1810 Moderator

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    Looks fine
    Good decision leaving out the dbol
    See how you get on with test only you should gain well on 500mg
    AI is person dependent, some people may not need on that dose others might but it's always a good idea to have it if you get signs of high estrogen
    Others may disagree but personally I think it's a good idea to run a small amount to prevent gyno rather than deal with it once you get it
    But its all trial and error unless you get frequent blood tests to know what's what
    What are your goals?
    What does diet and training actually look like
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  3. AndyP75


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    Thanks for the reply mate :-)

    I lift 5 days a week split training, so the usual I guess really
    Day 1 legs
    Day 2 shoulders and traps
    Day 3 back and bis
    Day 4 chest tris
    Day 5 deadlifts - or an arm day, I just mix it up on this day.
    Day 6 push day

    Diet, for my age (43) height (5’9) and weight (79kg) I’m taking in about 3110 calories on a split of 25% protein, 45% carbs 30% fats. Must admit nutrition is a fu*kin minefield!!!

    Goals are just to put on a nice bit of size and break some plateaus.
  4. Scudd33

    Scudd33 Full Member

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    What @pooley1810 said...
    Also why the low protein high carb split?
    Would 40/40/20 not be better for a long term lean gain?
  5. pooley1810

    pooley1810 Moderator

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    I would increase protein a little
    At a guess you eating about 200g from all sources
    Push that up to at least 250-300g
    If you want the same cals then obvs lose some carbs and/or fats
    Your total cals are sensibly moderate atm, if you're looking to gain in size and strength then monitor your progress and look to increase cals as the cycle develops