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First Time Taking Steroids, Help

Discussion in 'Anabolic Steroids & Prohormones' started by datboi, Jan 13, 2021.

  1. datboi


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    so i've decided do start taking steroids, i'm 20, been working out 3 years ago, i'm 102kg 185cm.

    my testosterone is very average at 687 ng/dl i would like to get my testosterone around 1200....

    from what i read testosterone is one of the "safest" steroids.

    i don't wanna take too much to avoid side effects.

    where should i start? how do i calculate the dose?

    are there any side major/long term side effects?
  2. pooley1810

    pooley1810 Moderator

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    Your profile you've just signed up with says you are 24
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  3. wristisfrogs

    wristisfrogs Full Member

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    I mean there are 1000 different sources you can find for test benefits, long term use etc, I mean I understand seeking info from people that have physically done it themselves but there is soooooo much info you can find.

    All of the studying you can do is always helpful, just read through posts here, watch some YouTube videos of guys that have also done it several times, etc. Take all that info and make an informed choice. I looked into sarms for over a year before even taking the weakest one.

    I do have to say though, even with no personal experience with test myself just common knowledge is that at 20 to hop on test? Kinda questionable not that it hasn't be done but have you tried natural ways to boost your levels at all?

    Maybe you are zinc deficient, vitamin d deficient, overweight, not carrying much lean mass, etc so many things could be taking your natural test levels down so to just hop on a cycle would be very haphazard at 20 imo I don't think you need to currently be pinning it to know that...
  4. Proteinbrah

    Proteinbrah Top Contributor

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    Pass me a spoon and I’ll sort ya out mate
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  5. Greedy Ben

    Greedy Ben Top Contributor

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    Search bar ; first cycle
  6. GhostOf2Can

    GhostOf2Can Top Contributor

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    250mg every fifth day

    Have arimidex on hand for gyno symptoms. If you do need it start at 0.25-0.5mg Adex the day of the jab (or day after). Adjust as necessary

    Google the pct stuff and put a plan together yourself and run it past everyone in this thread
  7. datboi


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    ok thanks