Fortitude Daily Trainer For Chest, Calves And Abs: No Show, No Go!

Discussion in 'Fortitude Training' started by Scott Stevenson, Sep 13, 2015.

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    ANOTHER Fortitude Training Daily Trainer Workout Plan is OUT (and more affordable at $149)!

    The “No Show, No Go!” Daily Trainer targets the Chest, Calves and Abs:

    • “No Show, No Go!” is a PRINTABLE Day By Day Workout Plan and Training Log Using Fortitude Training Principles

    -FT's High Frequency, Variable Set Type, Science Based Training Layout

    -Training Tips for Chest, Calves and Abs

    -Sequenced Exercises, Grouped to make your training Efficient and Productive

    -28 workouts x 3 Volume Tiers = 75+ Workouts!

    -Includes Stretches and Set Type Descriptions

    • FREE Overview Sheets of Volume Tiers and Generic Training Logs.

    • FREE COPY Fortitude Training, The E-Book. (NOT Printable. You’ll receive a discount code in your email.)

    Buy the Virgin Voyage Basic Training Plan / No Show, No Go! BUNDLE for $249. (That’s <$5 per workout!)

    (PayPal and Credit Cards accepted.)

    For more information and to BUY:


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    Oh! Now those are weak points for me. May have to invest in this little beauty within a few weeks!

    NOTE: I read Scott's last FT plan (the $249 one) and to say it made things simple and a pleasure to set up would be under-statement. Print the workouts and get in there to do it! Perfect for the busy trainer that wants a cutting edge program.
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    Scott Stevenson

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    Thanks, CON! Trying to get this out there to as many folks as possible!!!

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