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Genotropin Pen 36 Iu By Pfizer

Discussion in 'Growth Hormone/Peptides' started by huntingground, Sep 4, 2020.

  1. G-G

    G-G Ex Competitor

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    Im not trying to convince you to use it. Just stating my experience with it.

    If you’re looking at a purely physique based viewpoint (like I imagine high level competitive bodybuilders would) then yeah, I’d be inclined to agree. But growth seems to offer more than just Benefits to your physique.
  2. GhostOf2Can

    GhostOf2Can Top Contributor

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    Not something I’d bother with at my level

    Each to their own
  3. Scudd33

    Scudd33 Top Contributor

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    GH made me sleep better,recover faster and gave me a libido that was on the side of rapey.
    What’s not to like.
    Skin wasn’t as great as everyone said but I lost a load of bf.
    Genotropin pens I used from online were all g2g

    TONY FERGUSON Winging my way to heaven as we speak, son. Full Member

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    Exogenous HGH is bullshit. An unnecessary financial expense and a potential root cause of a whole host of problems if the protein hasn't been folded properly (as is the case with many generics).

    Far better to go down the natural route by fasting regularly, cutting sugars and supplementing with arginine, glutamine, beta alanine, ornithine, GABA, creatine, glycine, lysine, melatonin and alpha GPC.

    Get your pituitary gland squeezing out DNA-specific HGH and you'll avoid most if not all of the pitfalls and get far better results all around.
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