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Greetings, Ex Athlete Now Training For Recreation. Just Gonna Leave This Here.

Discussion in 'Anabolic Steroids & Prohormones' started by Dr.B123, Apr 30, 2018.

  1. Dr.B123


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    Sup Guy's,

    Hope your all well.

    Just want to start by saying, i've lurked on this (and a few other) forum much over the years so thanks for the
    indirect advice ive managed to obtain.

    I have'nt really been in the world of BB in fairness, ive always been fairly lucky in sense of bodyfat (walk around at 10%)
    and mucsle mass has been enough for me not to be self concnious. I did my first cycle back in 2009 and was
    entirely sport specific as id platoued at the time and needed to go up a weight class in the sport i was in at the time.

    Results were bang on, i was able to pack a little more mass on my frame which i kept 50% of and retained all my
    strength progress and strength to weight ratio being the most important (albeit after a few very difficult months following the end of cycle) and have been training
    non dtop 6 times a week since and can finally say ive hit my physical limitations

    Now i've finally came out of sport, and am able to do whatever i like with my weight etc its time to have some fun.

    I'm intending on doing a 'recreational cycle' now as it's time to have some fun and stack some silly size on.

    So just a post to both say Hi, i'll be on this forum regularly movign forwards and i'll be posting progress pictures
    and interacting with you all and obtain any advise on this sort of cycle or anything that may have changed over the
    years sicne my last.

    Cycles will be

    500mg Test E/W for 10Wks

    Will be dropping in the HCG Shots toward the end (is HCG sufficient in itself or is clomid VITAL)
    as if i remember correct last time we didnt use clomid, think we used something else but cant remember the name.

    Thanks for taking the time to read guys.
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  2. Dr.B123


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    Chatting shit in the sense of i'm lying about sporting background? Not everyone curls in-front of a mirror full-time, some are out there representing our countries in actual incredibly difficult sports, isolation lifting and having swolen biceps is for after all that important stuff, when functionality doesn't matter anymore, explosive functional physique's and coordination arent key to victory anymore... there is no more victory, just curls infront of a mirror.. which is why im here.. so appreciate you probably get a load of idiots 'chatting shit' usually, but not on this occasion.
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  3. kipper


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    Are you saying you represented your country in a sport...used AAS ..and you just put your personal email on a forum?

    "some are out there representing our countries in actual incredibly difficult sports,"
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  4. Simon

    Simon Administrator

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    Welcome to the forum. I've edited your posts.
  5. JANIKvonD

    JANIKvonD JandirTheJandirHandler Top Contributor

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    welcome to the forum buddy. hope cycle goes well

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