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Gyno Issue On Low Test And Tren

Discussion in 'Anabolic Steroids & Prohormones' started by FlasK, Jul 12, 2020.

  1. pooley1810

    pooley1810 Moderator

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    Wouldn't go that far
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  2. GainzTrainz

    GainzTrainz Full Member

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  3. FlasK


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    Little update - started the Raloxifene 60mg per day alongside with 2x 2.5mg letrozole per week. Lumps got two times smaller, no pain, no irritation. Never ever tried Raloxifene before but I think it’s way better than Nolvadex. Haven’t experienced such a difference with my gyno even when using Nolva with large doses of AI.
    For everyone experiencing Gyno issues I would 100% recommend trying Raloxifene! Feeling way better now.

    Thankful to everyone for sharing their opinions!
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  4. godsgifttoearth

    godsgifttoearth Full Member

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    its not always the prolactin on its own, its the fact that Tren can bind quite well to the progesterone receptor, which makes everything more sensitive to estrogen, which then creates the car crash that is lactating gyno, especially if you already had small amounts of glandular tissue that was otherwise unnoticed cos of big pecs. in that scenario those glands just swell right up but there might not be enough estrogen floating around to grow more breast tissue, so as soon as you come off the tren and everything settles, the glands settle down again and might be really hard to find again.
  5. Penguin'sreturn

    Penguin'sreturn Full Member

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    Good points here I didn't think of, haven't been on in a while so only just read this.
  6. Gene Takovic

    Gene Takovic Full Member

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    Ralox will work better the longer it’s used, optimum time is 12 weeks so ideally run it for that long.