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Discussion in 'Anabolic Steroids & Prohormones' started by HammerMan66, Aug 8, 2018.

  1. HammerMan66


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    Hi guys.

    I’ve been taking 40MG a day of DBOL for a week now and Started an AI of .5MG ADEX EOD but my nipples feel stingy (not really itchy) and I feel like they’re a bit bigger than usual (they’re usually extremely small). Also when I squeeze under them (the skin area not the actual nipple) I feel little lumps but I’m not sure if they were there before my cycle cause never usually felt my nipples.

    shall I continue with .5 ADEX or shall I add 20MG Nolva in a day too until it gets better or shall I continue Nolva throughout the cycle.

    Please give your opinions on -
    How much / How often i should have my ADEX
    How much NOLVA to add
    How often to take the nolva and for how long


  2. huntingground

    huntingground Pencillus Maximus Competitor

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    Stop being paranoid.

    Got any pics?

    Anybody with any decent experience you know who can assess the situation in person?
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  3. HammerMan66


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    I’m trying not to think about it but when I feel a little sting it makes me worry!

    I’ll try get some pics up later it doesn’t look too bad but compared to before cycle my nipples are a bit more inflamed.

    And unfortunately I don’t have anyone to have a look :sad: which is why I came to you guys as I trust your judgement!

    Thanks for reply