I've been been banned from 2 or 3 other forums such as this one. God knows why. Most likely for breaking rules I didn't realise I was breaking.

Hello all !!! Just wanted to say hi to everyone. I am back training in the gym after a long time away. From the ages of 15 - 26 I practically lived training. I played my chosen sport at a high level so I had to. From the age of around 22 I started going off the rails, doing and trying things that others had already done and tried in their teenage years. At 22 I started smoking drinking taking all sorts and it never stopped. That's why I gave up my life's dream of being a professional athlete, I much preferred and really enjoyed the party stuff. Unfortunately that didn't stop and even to this day I am constantly at war with the demon's that half the world struggle with. Two years ago roughly I was diagnosed with cancer which saw me lose around 18 stone, I ballooned up to around 28 to 30 stone. I am now ok/better and at a decent weight. 6 months ago I fell in love with the gym and lifting again. I train 4 x week and my goal is to gain weight, I want to reach 18 / 19 stone, I want to bulk up beef up and find the strength I had years ago. I was 15 stone 6 months ago and since then I have gotten up to 16st 5. My diet is ok taking into account I struggle to eat as I get full very easy. My training is ok, I think. And I have started a "supplement" cycle which I'm hoping will help. It is definitely making me feel better mentally. Anyway. That's me in a nutshell. Cheers guys.


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