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    Bench Day

    Aim : 147.5 * 2r * 3s

    After CrossFit and a relatively late night for me, I am feeling tired and jaded. I have to get the volume into bench though. 100mg Winny preWO.

    PureGym by Filbert Street in Leicester.

    Bench (wrist wraps, gumshield, chalk from 120, sniff on 147.5)
    60/60/80/80/100/100/120/135 - not feeling so powerful today, the 135 slower and harder than expected.
    147.5 * 2 - all out on both reps. No spotter and don't want to hurt front, left delt so drop to 140.
    140 * 2 - much better, powerful.
    140 * 2 - again, decent power but slight weakness on LHS.

    Bicep curl machine, 3 sets until mega burn.

    Out of there, wasn't sure if car was parked in OK position as everywhere is permit holders so didn't hang about. I wasn't 100% power anyway.

    I'll create HG2019 when I get time and I will fookin smash next year :thumb::thumb: