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Hgh Experiment..

Discussion in 'Growth Hormone/Peptides' started by MrBombastik, Dec 25, 2021.

  1. MrBombastik


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    Hello to everyone and Merry Christmas.
    New to the forum but back at it with BB after a quick break.

    I will introduce my self on a different thread, but i will give a bit of background for this experiment.
    I have been involved since my teen's but due to family commitments I jumped away for a few years only really training occasionally and not sticking to my diet.

    In 2018 (31 at the time) I got the bug again and kicked of with just TRT and trying to dial in all my diet and exercise routine (needless to say my body didnt respond as when I was 20 but I was pleasantly surprised tbh)

    19,20 and first part 0f 21 went well maxing out at 116kg (6ft 2) with decent bodyfat and going up to to 800mg test, 600 mg EQ and Dbol on and off this summer.
    Before this I had only dabbled in HGH with some Chinese stuff and it was for a month or two when I was younger so no real results tbh and never tried Insulin.

    Dec/20 to Feb-21 I tried first time insulin at 8iu post with cards and it worked well for me.
    Then my knees went again and back got me once I went up to 200kg squat :thumbdown:..

    For the last few months again I have been on TRT and on and off training ( I have always lagged Legs and though if I keep training torso I will just end up with Chicken legs that will never catch up !) but now feeling better to step back in and be careful with my technique to mitigate any more stress on the knees really.

    Currently on TRT (250mg week) and at 115kg but holding some fat and started Cardio 4 x per week and have cut my calories down for a crash cut to drop this and get back on the supplements.

    So what does this all have to do with a HGH experiment, well getting past a certain age I would like to somewhat limit AAS and I think I can do that with a steady decent dose of HGH and a good Insulin cycle while not going above a couple of G's juice on cycle and still be able to come off to TRT for a good part of the year.

    My long term goal is to maintain at around 115-117kg but with a decent waste line and BF.

    So in order to do that effectively I need to find a good source of HGH, and I have currently found myself in Russia for a few months of the year where (china being next door) they have a shitload of generic HGH that people in the gyms swear by a few of them and they are priced stupid cheap.
    So since it is Christmas I have decided to buy a whole bunch of these and test them out (with blood tests) and see which one would be the best bang for your buck :-)

    And for this it would be great if one of the GH 'gurus" here could give me some help with info and in return I can help other people here with the result's I get to find decent GH at reasonable prices.

    Firstly since I have a history of family cancer what tests shall I do to make sure I don't have any malignant sleeping tumors that can excastubate with long term GH use.

    Secondly how long should I use each GH and at what dose in order to get a good reading when I do blood tests

    Thirdly how long break should I take between brands in order t have a clear reading for each brand

    And lastly what sort of numbers should I be looking on the tests to make sure they are good or bunk.

    My thoughts blast 6-8 iu's daily with each brand for two weeks and then go test, makes sense ?

    Long term I would like to maintain a decent dose of GH and a on and off insulin cycle with not so big dose of Gear as mentioned above but still be able to cycle as I get older. Plus I am hoping with the GH I will be able to keep a tighter waste line and less BF long term.

    Thank you in advance gentlemen and lets see where we go with this.

    I will post in a comment below the brands I am thinking of testing and their prices, These all have been "recommended" to me by local competitors so I am hoping we get some good results ;)

    Happy New Year ahead to all.
  2. Welcome to TM and Happy Xmas buddy.
    You've put yourself in the firing line with this post....but I hope you get the answers you want/need from the core members.

  3. MrBombastik


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    Here is a list of the ones I have been recommended and believe I have found decent sources for.

    I just found whatever images I could find from a shity website for reference, I am wanting to narrow these down to 4/5 that I will buy to try so any help and or feedback is appreciated

    BiosoMax - Somatropin - 85 euro
    Jintropin - 150 euro
    Nanotrop - 80 euro
    Neofin Pro - 85 euro
    Norditropin - 55 euro
    Noxygen - 65 euro
    Saizen - 110 euro
    Somatex - 85 euro
    Somatropin - 75 euro
    Hygetropin - 85 euro
    Kingtropin - 55 euro

    BiosoMax - Somatropin - 85 euro.png Hygetropin - 85 euro.PNG Jintropin - 150 euro.PNG Kingtropin - 55 euro.PNG Nanotrop - 80 euro.PNG Neofin Pro - 85 euro.PNG Norditropin - 55 euro.PNG Noxygen - 65 euro.PNG Saizen - 110 euro.PNG Somatex - 85 euro.PNG Somatropin - 75 euro.PNG lads.
  4. MrBombastik


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    Thanks mate, not a problem really I will give it a try and this may or may not work out I don't know either.

    If people choose to troll instead of help then so be it, I aint going to loose any sleep over it but at the end of the day this can help people on here also get some results with different GH brands.

    I am not a GH expert by any means and I don't pretend to be one, so I am hoping someone on here knows allot more than I do and can help ;)
  5. From the brands you've mentioned that I know about...I'd say this.

    1) Jintropin...forget it!!
    2) Hyge...forget it !!
    3) Saizen...forget it !!

    Depends on the source though....
  6. Simon90

    Simon90 Moderator

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    I know two people who've had bloods tested on the Hyge black tops and it's come back good
    Saizen obviously good if legit. Take a chance if it's good get more if not you know not to bother.
    Don't know about the others as I don't use it, just from people I know personally they've used saizen, hyge black tops and genxtropin which you'll also be able to find easily enough.
    I'd go with those 3 and run tests
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  7. MrBombastik


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    Thanks for the Replies to the one that did anyhow,

    I will try out the following:
    Saizen - 110 euro
    Somatex - 85 euro
    GenTech Somatropin - 75 euro
    Hygetropin - 85 euro

    I also wanted to try out the Norditropic Nordijet but this source didnt have any at the moment ( I am guessing if real it would be the bets one) but once he has something they will also send me.

    I will post results here as soon as I am done with this experiment.
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  8. Good luck.
    GH is a very nice addition to a cycle if it's the real deal.
  9. MrBombastik


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    Thanks mate, hoping for the best on these.
    I think a decent steady dose of Gh and with the addition of insulin now I should be able to see some good gains from this point on without going to crazy on the roids. Just the insulin Post Workout has helped allot and I am now working out to start doing Pre workout with GH.
    We will see.

    Also as far as timing I have done a bit of research and will do 6 iu/ Subq for three days and on the 4th I will do 6iu IM and get tested around 60 min later, I think that should give me a good reading. I will leave it for three days and repeat with each batch.
  10. Rob O’tren

    Rob O’tren Full Member

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    Saizen if legit.