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Hormone Results. Advice?

Discussion in 'Injuries, Health & Personal Care' started by rothlad, May 19, 2017.

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    Been lurking a while and thought it was time to start posting and hopefully get some input/ advice.

    Been panning to do first cycle but for a while but I have been getting gyno symptoms that come and go (painful lump, puffy nip etc) so decided to get the test to see what's going on.
    Results show high lh, low free test and high shgb but e2 is in range. I don't think any of these are massively out of range but would these cause gyno issues or low strenght (been struggling strenght wise especially for time training etc)
    Wondered if anyone had any I put on this, should I be concerned with anything.
    I'm in two minds now Wether to
    1. Go ahead with cycle ensuring proper pct then see where I am.
    2. Cancel cycle plans and see the doc about the gyno flare ups and test results.

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    Low free test is due to high shbg. E2 is a bit high for my liking - couldn't say why without knowing more about your lifestyle. Do you drink a lot of alcohol? Smoke weed regularly? How's your diet?

    I would personally get the gyno checked out first. You may simply be very sensitive to e2 or there may be something else going on.

    Once you've got to the bottom of this you can cycle. When/if you do, though, I'd advise you to be using a decent AI dose and probably nolva from day 1.
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