Hormone Tests: Refreshed, Re-priced, Reduced

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    Hormone Tests: Refreshed, re-priced, reduced!

    We've been reviewing many of our most popular hormone test profiles to bring you better combinations of tests together with better prices.

    New improved sports and performance checks

    In line with the growing trend for measuring and tracking everything from calories consumed to hours slept to steps taken, many people are now tracking key blood biomarkers to optimise their health and fitness. We have refreshed our range of sports hormone checks - each of which now includes more tests at lower prices and most are now offered as finger-prick home-to-lab tests. We think you'll find that our tests are now more relevant, more convenient and more affordable. Starting at only £79 check them out here:

    Sports Hormone Check
    Sports Hormone Check Plus
    Sports Hormone Check Ultra
    Sports Hormone Check UltraVit

    Male and female hormone checks

    We have reduced the prices of our male and female hormone checks to only £79, down from £119. Take a look at our popular profiles here:

    Hormone Check Male
    Hormone Check Female

    May Offer!

    Individual hormones and mini checks

    We've introduced new mini checks - combinations of hormones which are commonly tested together - to bring you some great value profiles. Together with our reduced prices for individual hormones we think you'll like our improved range and unbeatable offer prices! Starting at only £29


    See our range of specialist thyroid checks.

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    Food Intolerance

    Could you be suffering from a food intolerance?

    View Website
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    Can see this being of interest to quite a lot on here.