How Many People Are Pursuing BBing As A Career

Discussion in 'General Bodybuilding' started by Raptor, Feb 20, 2011.

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    £500 plus a week? As most are based in the States food is significantly cheaper, I just don't see how that sort of expenditure is possible?

    Thought we were always told they don't use much gear anyway, so they can't be spending it on that :lol:
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    ya know, I just don't think it is going to be a problem for you anyway - FAG

    For me it would be nice to make some money back, but if it ever happens it won't be through competitive wins. Might get good enough to do the odd guest spot at local shows where there might be a couple of quid, or prep folks in the future, who knows.

    Not why I do it though - and I don't spend much on it anyway, truth be told - so not really looking for anything back as it were.
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    Men have always wanted to develop great bodies. They would even if there were no financial reward.

    The only reason there's professional bodybuilding is because it makes money primarily for the promoters - and we all know who they are.

    But hey, there are stages to pose on, shows to watch, trophies to be won, and money for a few, so why begrudge it?

    But developing a great bod is a laudable thing in itself, even without tangible rewards.
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  4. Persuing it could land you many other jobs as you have too look after your image and image sells.
  5. Con

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    Well then be careful what you say on forums because image is very important....
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  6. hmm, got ya.
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    I would like to compete at some stage in the future,
    around about the 30+yrs old mark.

    Might help me get over my body hang ups...
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  8. Jamie555

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    I think that there are many spin-offs that bodybuilding can bring lucrative income, but living off the winnings of competitive bodybuilding prize money is not realistic IMO.

    Although I love training, and the molecular masturbation side of things, I know I can do better materially and for a sense of self-fulfilment with my career. There are some things however that bodybuilding brings which money cannot buy.

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  9. Incredible Bulk

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    i am, but on both sides of the stage....

    i report at the brits every year, i'll be reporting all throughout the BGP interviewing people as well, i conduct telephone interviews with many big names in UK amateur bodybuilding...i'm looking to build on this.
    I want a career on stage as much as i want to build up something to keep me in the sport long after my body cannot compete anymore.

    But for the time being, i am a design engineer by trade until something crops up that can pay better
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    I know I wouldn't be able to do it as a career, no way as my body just wouldn't be able to hold the condition. My body hate's getting lean. It would be easier for be to become a fighter than BB'er, even with a busted elbow
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    It's not for me. You become a product of what is expected, and end up taking whatever drugs are necessary to satisfy those who pay the bills. Your body becomes the property of the promoters. A lot of pro's don't like the quantity of drugs they have to take to compete at top level, but because the audience and judges want freaky sliced mass then that's just what they have to to. Besides, I'm 40 now, so too old.

    I wouldn't mind a career in some kind of advisory, personal training capacity, but unfortunately being a shift manager in a confectionery factory pays too much, making it just too risky to take the plunge. Also too knackered to do it spare time, as 10-12 stressfull hours of work 5 days a week, and my own training. I think that's called a rut isn't it?
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    most not all decent level bodybuilders sell gear wich suplements there own use . i have a friend who has been a top amature for years , neaver quite made it as a pro . his whole life has been and is bodybuilding, he has won just about every nabba title there is both in his hiht class and now as a master ,

    although he never made it as a pro he probably makes more money than most lower level pros , through being sponserd,guestposing , and personal training . he is basicaly living the dream without ever being a pro ,

    somtimes it pays more to be smart with what you have rather than aspire to a pro card wich is no garantee of a career ,there are plenty of pro cad holders who fall by the wayside .
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  13. 1russ100

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    and for this reason alone it still baffles me why people put lists and lists of gear use on the internet with a picture of themselves next to it...pure genius from a image point of view:D
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    Jason Corrick certainly seems to have done well enough from it. His car garage is always changing!