How many sets is enough?

Discussion in 'Training Information' started by Straughany, Mar 18, 2013.

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    the answer to everything is 6x7 or 7x6 which is of course 42 :D

    srs though all the talk of tut I used to thing pffft just lift the damn weight... I dont do tut and it all works fine, then I got to thinking... when I lower the weight it takes me a few seconds on the heavy reps... its certainly not done fast and I try to explode in the bottom to get the weight up... but it still takes a few seconds so maybe I do tut but just call it training :D also in mind is the saying "no one ever lifts a heavy weight slowly"...
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    To be fair though mate your training for power I'm referring to training for size I must admit though since adding tut my strength has shot up
    My theory is thus
    Whilst doing tut I focus on isolating the target muscle even in compounds and the slowness of the rep ensures every fibre fires in sequence once your body gets used to recruiting maximum amount of fibres when you go back to power reps the efficiency of muscle recruitment is greatly improved and the net result is more weight moved

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    I might give tut a try, never tried it & want to build strength & size up.

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