How To Proceed In Diet - Can You Help Me With Some Advices Please?

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    Hello guys, my name is Semi and I have my "first real diet" (at least i try to). First time i track caloeris for longer than 1 week^^ I am training now since 6 years, but i never tracked how much i ate, so i think it is too less cause i still look small (in my opinion)

    I started in winter with a bulking phase, a really unclean and uncounted time... i gained from christmas till march about 15 kg (started with 85kg and at the end i had 100kg)
    In this phase the main nutrient was carbs/sugar... I didnt check how much proteins or something. maybe stupid, but well i was really strong in this time

    Since 2 month I am on diet.
    i started with 2500kcal (which is too less, I know, I should started higher, but it was too late when i heard that!)
    Since i started i lost about 9 kg. I am now at 91kg.
    I didnt lose any strength ... actually i got a lot stronger than I was in this bulking time. I think this is cause of the correct nutrients i am eating.

    My diet started with that values and is still the same
    200g protein - 800kcal (about 120g of it is protein poweder form myprotein , whey, casein and milk protein)
    200g carbs - 800kcal (rice, and beans peas and vegetable)
    100g fat - 900kcal (mainly peanuts, olive oil, parmesan and coconut oil from cooking)

    So i lost a huge amount of fat and water. but now there is still the fat around the lower abs and the love handles.

    My workout is following
    I do push pull legs - try to hit everything 2 times and i take about 2:30 for 1 workout (not pure work... cause i talk a lot :P)
    And no till now I do no cardio :) 3-5 sets of heavy 8-12 reps

    I dont know how but i will give you some picutres that you see what my progress till now. (dont know where i can add them)

    If you need more information for helping me with my question please ask:

    So the question is should i still keep the same nutrients ratio or should i change something to achieve better results ?

    Thank you in advance and sorry for my english if you find some mistakes :)

    Best wishes

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    You’ve made good progress if you ask me. Keep doing what you’re doing. But note that you may need to drop calories (or better, increase activity) in order to continue to create a calorie deficit
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    Good progress man

    As GG says, Think I'd just continue doing what your doing, if loss stalls, increase output first as 2500 is low ish then when you cant recover from the increased output anymore drop cals etc etc till your where u wana be.
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    Yes, great progress, carry on
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    Ok thank you very much guys!

    One (maybe stupid) question... some of my friends told me , that the fat what I am eating is way too much. Is that right?
    I read different things, where some people say its fine, too less or too much, what is your opinion?

    I think i will add now some HIIT training in the end to increase the burned calories a little bit!

    Thanks for your feedback!
    Best wishes
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    If the weight loss stalls for you then sure, lowering fats is an easy way to drop calories as fat contains 9 calories per gram, compared to 4 calories for a gram of protein or carbohydrate.

    We know it is all about the amount of calories you eat when it comes to fat loss but where they come from is up to you.

    Some would like higher fat, lower carb, some would like lower fat and higher carb.

    Do whatever you feel is best for you and do not listen to anyone who tells you one way is better than the other as it isn’t true, both will work the same if calories are equated.

    Your diet is clearly working so far so maybe try not to overthink it. You’re doing very well.
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    Ok yes i also think that this high calorie ratio is the reason why they say it.

    thank you so much, ok i will keep it up like this and keep you guys updated :)