Huel's Refer A Friend Scheme Is Now Live - Get £5 Off Huel!

Discussion in 'Huel' started by James Collier, Feb 9, 2016.

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    After some testing and customer feedback, I'm happy to say that Huel's refer a friend scheme is ready to use.

    You can refer your friends to give them unique codes for £5 off Huel, and if they use it to purchase some Huel, you get a unique £5 off code too. You can refer via Facebook, Twitter, Email, or a unique shareable link. Just follow this link to get started:!sharing/

    If you ever wish to return to this link, there is a footer in our website called "Refer a Friend" which will also direct you to this page. Discount codes will only be generated for customers who haven't purchased from us before.

    Happy sharing everyone, and be sure to reply to this email with your feedback regarding all things Huel.

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