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    We are offering many prohormones - Halodrol among them.

    We made an exclusive discount coupon for TMUSCLE members. You can use it for any purchase at our shop www.prohormones.eu

    If you sign up you get 5% discount and if you use coupon you get another 10% => 15% discount for any purchase.
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    I've spoken to prohormones.eu about the way they have come across on the forum and the fact that TMuscle members are clued up in regards to steroids and prohormones. To their credit they've been receptive to what I've said, someone new is taking over their marketing on here and I believe a big part of the issue was the language barrier and they never intended to wind people up on here.

    I wanted to post in here just once to ask everyone to give them a second chance and evaluate any offers based on the offer itself and not the previous marketing on here.

    Just to clarify you can get 5% discount when signing up to their site and an additional 10% off when using the discount code TMUSCLE
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    Any halo should be given as a free sample to big Ken the third for a review
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    Some of it has been mad Simon
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