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If You Could Go Back And Never Of Started Steroids Would You?

Discussion in 'Anabolic Steroids & Prohormones' started by Taylorgym91, Apr 13, 2018.

  1. Taylorgym91

    Taylorgym91 Full Member

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    As the title says... Interested to hear people's views on this!

  2. doink

    doink PhD in Bro Science

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    Yeah id have taken up boxing or MMA earlier and never bothered. Or gone to uni or done something constructive

    Complete waste of time when all is said and done.

    If wed invested all the time and effort we’ve spent on this futile ego driven pursuit into ia tangible or desirable skill or qualification we’d all be fucking rich wouldn’t we.

    Hindsight is a wonderful thing though.
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  3. The Cheese

    The Cheese Top Contributor

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    Only thing I would have done differently?
    I would have started earlier.
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  4. The Red Meat Kid

    The Red Meat Kid Top Contributor

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    I strongly agree with doink about how much we’ve prioritised gym, food etc to the point we neglect and stall in almost all other aspects.

    Been thinking loads lately about packing it in, taking up running and trying to be more productive and start learning new things again
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  5. lukeee

    lukeee Top Contributor

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    Never started and regretted not starting not once
  6. DC77

    DC77 Full Member

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    Tbh thinking about starting back up
  7. huntingground

    huntingground Pencillus Maximus Competitor

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    I wish I had packed in the partying at 30 and started gear then.

    I suppose it depends on the balance in your life. I eat what I want (quite healthy anyway), never diet and love lifting heavy. If I started to obsess about any of this lifestyle, then I’d take a hard look at myself. No chance of that though, got too much other stuff to crack on with.

    Also, this lifestyle is so much healthier than my previous one.

    Happy with the balance though overall.
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  8. tomlet1

    tomlet1 Mr Glass Top Contributor

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    Training Log:
    Click Here
    Depends what day it is tbh.
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  9. thesaintishere

    thesaintishere Top Contributor

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    Interesting responses.

    Are people more concerned about the fact they took steroids or the hours they've put in weight training to improve their performance and physique, which they now feel may be wasted? Or combination of both, i.e. The lengths and extremes they've gone to (steroids + all that time in the gym) just for a better body?

    Have that many people on here really sacrificed so much that they've not been able to do more/achieve more in their lives? At the end of the day gym + steroids takes up a few hours a week. But perhaps it was a mental addiction and obsession that caused priorities and focus to go astray?
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  10. Fatbrah

    Fatbrah TMuscle Fatministrator Top Contributor

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    No but if anythin happens ye
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  11. doink

    doink PhD in Bro Science

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    A bit of both I think mate.

    That time and effort, while not particularly limiting on a day to day basis, I feel would have been better invested in something elsewhere. Something more productive. If you weigh up all the time combined over a week it’s significant enough a duration to consider lost.

    At the end of the day a lot will say “ ooh wouldn’t change anything “

    So you’re happy you’ve spent thousands of hours and pounds to look absolutely mediocre? Has it really changed that much in your life? Did it really do that much for your mentality? How has all the time served you well?

    It’s not much is it.... It’s like the George best quote though for some isn’t it.

    “ i spent loads of money on booze and women, the rest I just wasted “

    “It’s done, I enjoyed it, move on..... “

    Fair enough.

    If it did really help with somebody’s self esteem as they were insecure or down on themselves to begin with I can understand feeling it a job well done as well I suppose.....

    I can’t help but feel I’ve invested a lot of time to weigh 260lb ish and look big and muscular and when all is said and done, it’s done literally fuck all for me.... I can’t help but feel I could have used that time more wisely and productively. Without the detrimental effect on my health.... (If there is one)
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  12. Fatbrah

    Fatbrah TMuscle Fatministrator Top Contributor

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    What i would say me having my personallity its kept me off the ale ALOT of times, so basicslly its either proper dad bod on ale more or this and i no what i wud choose..

    In a ideal world i cud say yer shuda went n learnt a skill but i wouldnt of anyway so it comes down to a straight shootout between them 2 and this option is better i think

    O and deffo give me more confidence in general life
  13. DC1

    DC1 Myprotein Rep

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    100% I would have never taken them.

    I was far more into boxing and taekwondo when younger but my boxing gym had a weight room at the back and that's what started me lifting.

    Met others who were cycling and started from there. It's been a mostly negative thing in my life tbh.

    Doing crazy shit on Tren. Cheating on partners due to sex drive being so high, wasting ££££ on it, bad association with food. I could go on and on.

    All for a wee bit of muscle. Fucking retarded really!
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  14. Porky

    Porky Committee brofessor Top Contributor

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    Like Doink said, should have persued boxing or even spent a couple of evenings a week learning another language, I'd be multilingual by now.
    It was the right decision at the time though, it's only on reflection I'd do things differently.
    Same could be said with your career though or do you wish you bought house sooner.
    I just think that the time and money invested, especially as it's not the healthiest sport in the world, would have reaped better rewards elsewhere. Maybe not physically but certainly mentally and for quality of life.
    Looking good on your shitty package holiday once a year that you've given up all the food and drink you actually enjoy or actually talking to the waiter in his own language. No brainer for me
  15. Fatbrah

    Fatbrah TMuscle Fatministrator Top Contributor

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    Package holidays in ya primarni plimsoles
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